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Hello good people!

It’s been a long time since my last time reviewing lipstick, no? LOL.
Today i wanna share you my sponsored review a collaboration by Surabaya Beauty Blogger with Moodmatcher by Fran Wilson.

Who ever heard about this brand? Well actually it’s a legend brand since it’s already established from 1986 which is older than me. LOL. What makes me like this lipstick is their idea. Do you know the mood ring that used to be found when you are kid? The usually have green color but end up change into other color when you wear it (and definitely has other color shown up when other people wear it) so cool, huh?

So let’s talk about them deeper, shall we? :3

Brand: Moodmatcher by Fran Wilson
Netto Weight: 3,5 g
Origin: USA
Price: IDR 66,000

Apparently I got a new packaging and an old packaging so we can compare it. Yeay!
Old – the old packaging is really not my favorite. The lipstick is peeking out from the tube and less secure because when you are clumsy like me, the cap will brutally nudge the bullet and make it chipped. And it’s not beautiful. And I hate it. The other thing I hate about this packaging is once you pull the white sticker, it will gone and you can’t read the ingredients for long time. So I decide to cut the sticker between cap and the tube. Beside, the gold print on the cap can easily faded too. So sad.

New – the new one is way more secure for the bullet while you still can see the bullet from clear part in the middle of the tube. The worst part is you can find the ingredients printed on peel-free (?) sticker. So once you peel it, you will end up throw it tho the trash *sigh*

Left: old packaging | Right: new packaging

This lipstick itself more like tinted lip balm since the texture and the feeling they leave is way more into lip balm than a lipstick. It’s very moisturizing and glides very smoothly. I usually put lip balm in the very first step when I put my makeup to make my lips stay moisturized. But with this lipstick I don’t need any lip balm. Yeay!

This lipstick will show a different color in different people because it depends on our body pH and  chemical reaction between the ingredients and our body. It's just like every color that show is made for us only~ So cool~

The black one is turning into fresh, pretty pink shade with hint of purple which makes my face looks so fresh and brighter. Well, actually any kind of bold shade will make my skin look fresher :3 

The brown one is turning into brick color which makes my face warmer and look way more mature. I love this color so much! Well, I love the other one too tho~ LOL

It actually transfers on the first application, you can pat your lips a little with tissue first and WALA! It’s gonna be transfer proof and kiss proof too.

It claims will stay for 12 hours! Isn't sound amazing?? Actually it stays all day on my lips even after light food (maybe it will smudge whe you eat oily food) but it’s fine since it leaves a very pretty stain on the lips. This is why I’d like to call it as ‘tinted lip balm’ rather than a lipstick since they work as much as tinted lip balm did~

Last words, I am totally happy with this lipstick. Will gonna buy another color like orange or light blue. Isn’t fun when you reapply you unique lipstick with unsual color in front of people in the public space? They will feel like a fool when they know that the color turns into ‘normal’ color like other lipstick :3

I hope this review helps all of you~ See you on another post! :D

annyeong! ❤

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