Pout-Put: Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick #11 Cherry Glam

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Hello Fellas,,
Finally finally I write a new post *terharuuuu* I got a long hiatus because I can't access my blog lately *sigh*
How are you anyway?? I hope you doing great. I am so happy because my boyfriend will visit me next month, and maybe he will move from Jakarta to Surabaya this mid year. So happy *grin*

Anyway, talk about my boyfriend, remember that he was the one who picky about my lip color? Now he asked me to but some red lipstick. He said I am look so bright when using red lipstick wtf. Hahaha
So yeah, I bought some lipstick, maybe around 5 (well, I only bought two red color and the rest is other color, muahahaha. I know I was cheating, but I don't care, he just don't know about it)

So, today I would like to share my opinion abourt Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick #11 Cherry Glam. Wardah claim this matte lipstick could moisturize your lips because it contains of jojoba oil, squalane, and vitamin E. The color can show up only one stroke, lasting for 8 hours, and comes with 12 shades.

It comes with pretty silver packaging with Wardah logo printed on it. Sleek, simple, and elegant. It makes this baby looks expensive and luxury. I love to bring this baby side by side with my Too Faced Loganberry. I know their price is "bagaikan langit dan sumur" but they look pretty together in my make up pouch. Hihi

Cherry Glam is dark red or maybe we can called it as maroon -sugar? yes please- It look like overripe cherry. Can you imagine it? Dark red almost brown black kind of thing. FYI I love this kind of color. It brightens my complexion. Gives me a sexy feeling without look too much. Oh yes, and it's staining my lips, if it's also happening to you, make sure you clean it up properly to prevent darker lips.

The formula is smooth on my lips, it doesn't dried my lips. But maybe you can scrub your lips first to get the best application. It's pigmented, it doesn't sink into fine lines and glides on well too. The color itself is show up for only one swipe. A great deal for 43.000 rupiahs lipstick. It stays around 6 hours on my lips due to the matte texture. Love it!! The downside is it could fading easily on my inner lips, But it's me, maybe you could get another result. Oh yes, it's also easily broken! I found mine broken in the end of the tube!! Is it me who's too strong, or why?? *pensive* 

It's matte, smooth, but gets more into true red than a maroon or dark red on my lips. Haha. It's okay, I can swipe it twice.

What I Love :
- Great color payoff
- Affordable
- Pretty packaging
- Nice texture
- Doesn't dried my lips
- Doesn't sink into fine lines
- It's staining my lips 
( it's a good point, but it makes us have a bigger concern when clean up our lips to prevent darker lips)

What I Hate
- It's fading on my inner lips
- Not really moisturizing
- It's easily broken!! I do really hate it!
- Gets more into true red than maroon on one swipe, I have to swipe it twice to get the maroon color. 

I usually wear it when I go to office. Well, it's a normal color for me, so yeah,, why not? Even I already bought my second tube, Hahaha.

So, this is my review, and I love this baby so much! But, remember, my review not an article that push you to buy a product. It's a bunch of information and reference for you. Be wise on your penny^^


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