Event Report : Grand Opening House of Mustika Ratu

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Hello ladies,,

I am so sorry for lack update. And I am so sorry for very very late report for Mustika Ratu Grand Opening few months ago. I can’t access my blog lately and I was clueless about it since I don’t know why it happened.

Ok, before I start this report, first I want to say thank you to Nikki from Grand Palace, Grand City Mall, Surabaya for inviting me. Honestly I was very exciting that time since Mustika Ratu is my favorite local brand. Sorry for very late report, I know that this event was held around December, last year, and I just report it now *sigh*

The event itself start from 5 pm but I came around six because I finished my work first, change my clothes and struggle with the traffic since it was raining cat and dog that day. When I came, the seat is almost full and the worst thing is I didn’t bring any camera and my phone was about to dead *double sigh* (thank you for ce Mindy from Pink and Undecided who say 'yes' when I asked her to take pictures from her blog). Before I enjoy the event, I did the registration to Nikki, and Mustika Ratu (for blogger only).

FYI I missed the opening fashion show. I was very very very late at that time, but I have some pictures from ce Mindy, in case if you want to see it (massive hugs for her!!).

When I came, I saw someone demonstrate a makeup tutorial, seems like ‘How to..’ thingy. He told me how to wear eye shadow, how to define your crease, and how to shape your eye brow.

IDK but the model look stressful for me :s  
Mustika Ratu also give a chance for us to ask some question, and everyone who ask will get a goodie bag :D

Mustika Ratu also give us some tutorial how to wear hijab :D it really helpful since I need to learn how to wear hijab for my client. I usually learn from youtube but it way easier to learn it when I watch it, live! Hahaha

And here we go with Elvira, Putri Indonesia 2014 (now Anindya replace her place). She's kind of talkactive girl, kind, smart, and nice. She told us about everything related to her activities as Putri Indonesia. From her story, I know that the activities is very tiring, but stared at her with that sit position is wayyyy more tiring for me -__-
IDK, but I feel uncomfortable with it. Hahahaha. Weird, I know.

Nessya, asked some question to Elvira, and she got a goodie bag :D

The lady with black outfits is Elvira's mother. She's sooooooo beautiful. Remind e of my mom. Eh. Hahaha (Tasya is photobombing wkwkwkwwk)

The finalist from East Java for Putri Indonesia 2015 with Mustika Ratu products. Just realize that the girl, number four from left is my friend. OMG. How come I realize it when I write this post?? Maybe I was so tired at that time, since I just came from work, and have to do the next meeting after this event. Oh my -_____-

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here's the counter of Mustika Ratu. It's so  clean and neat. eem, yeaaahh, before the bloggers know that the lipstick is sold only 16.000 rupiahs. Hahahaha. You can imagine what happened next, right? LOL 

Last is our group photo!! :D

The event is great, and I am so grateful that FINALLY Mustika Ratu has a big counter near my house, because I love their product. I try the biocell night treatment gel and really really love it! Oh yes, we also got sooooooo many goodie bag (I didn't snap it since my camera is broken T.T), and a free treatment (I don't try it since I forgot about the voucher, and found it when the time is over. clumsy me -__-). Over all I love this event :D

Thank you for reading and see you next time. Ciaobella :*

pictures are courtesy of pink and undecided

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  1. Waaa,, serunyaa
    Pengen deh diundang jugaa >o<


    1. Iya nii, asiik banget. Semoga nanti ada kesempatan buat diundang ya ^^

  2. Looks like an interesting event. Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  3. Thank you so much for visiting back :D


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