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I don’t know if you notice or not, it JUST me, or I never reviewed any blush on my blog? Anyone? O.o


Everybody said that I am huge fan of lipstick. And YES! I admit it. You know, that candy in tube is truly gorgeous. I mean, they’re so seductive. Hahaha. But, there are few people who know that I adore blush too. I love blush with peachy, slightly pink, bright reds, or even brown undertone. And I am still in the journey to collect them, from any brand, as long as it’s matching with my skin tone.

FYI, I have tanned skin, I mean tanned, with yellow undertone. Seriously. My Surabaya Blogger fellas must be known of this. They already meet me in person. Some of them often hang out with me *ehem* like Olin. I never try to lighten my skin like crazy since my boyfriend loves my skin tone, he never asked me to lighten my skin, too. He loves my dark skin and my signature-narrow-mono-lid-eyes in the same way. Hahahaha. I never get what he thinks about my appearance for sure.

With this tanned skin, I have to find my right blush so I don’t made any bad decision or I will turn my face into dirty mud. Haha. I’ll go with peachy blush, or slightly bronze color. Hot pink and orange is okay, bright red is muuuuuch better, but no for any coral and purple-based-pink since they made my face look dull.

So, a few months ago, I bought three blushes. From MAKE OVER, I bet you know this brand, especially for Indonesia residence. Today I’ll review one of them. It called Perfect Shade Blush in number 03 Promiscious Peach. And FYI, I got it for 75.000 rupiahs only!! What a great deal.

Product Description (From Web)
Radiate your inner beauty with a little bit help from this single blush on. Lightweight, silky smooth, and long lasting. Choose the color vibe, blush your check and create natural healthy look. Works on all skin type.

It has black glossy packaging with Make Over logo printed on it. It made from plastic but still looks sturdy. It’s a bit bulky for me. The most important thing is the square packaging which I LOVE SO MUCH! I have a disorder that made me hate any imperfect shape, I mean, if it square, it must a perfect square, with sharp angle, not round angle. I don’t like it. My friend said that I have OCD, what so ever.
When I open it, it comes with big mirror, and a so-so brush. I never use it since it’s hard to blend the product with that kind of brush. I wish it come with full pan of the product without any brush :/ 

Promiscious Peach looks like mauve pink on pan. I almost can’t see any orange tone in it. Then I wonder why it called as Promiscious Peach -__- BUT when I swatch it, It has bright orange tone in it which I love! It makes my face look fresher and this color truly pull my complexion, perfectly!

It has buttery and nice texture. It blends well on my skin. Too bad, it can be powdery if you swipe it too hard with your brush. See those powder???? It's annoying sometimes -__-

About the pigmentation, it has a great pigmentation, I mean, if you have fairer skin than me, you better use light handed when you apply this blush, since it can be too much if you don’t swipe it carefully. But for me, I can dab it as much as I can, since it’s buildable on my skin. And, the best part of this blush is, it won’t fade away when your skin get oilier, it’s like sticking on my cheek, blending with my skin and give me the natural glow. Gyaaaa, uber love!!!

What I love :
Great pigmentation
Nice color
Great packaging (for my preference)
Easily blend
Buttery texture

What I hate :
The brush -___-
It can be powdery if I swipe it too harsh

Final Verdict
This blush is great for me, it’s affordable but it has great color payoff! Not easily smudge and stand on my cheek perfectly. You may like it if you want to find cheaper alternative for great blush on, but you may don’t like it if you have big trouble with the powdery issue ;)

Hope this review helps you 
See you *kiss*

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8 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. I love this review! The blush looks great on you ^^ The color is so nice and pigmented, too~ c: Thank you for sharing this!
    --Kiyomi xx

  2. Nice review,, and I Love the colour :)

    1. Thank you <3
      Me too, since it's very wearable

  3. wow its really pigmented. thanks for sharing !xx

  4. too bad the brush quality is not good, but it has great pigmentation after all. thanks for the review!



  5. nice post sob..
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  6. oh my that blush is gorgeous!! ♥


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