Shade-of-Rouge: Jordana Blush On - #17 Rouge

4:16 PM

Hello Fellas :D
It's nice for me to have a chance to write this post.

Today I would like to write about Jordana Blush On which I got from Caroline on her blog sale, and as "banci blush on" I was eyeing this blush since she upload it on her facebook album. And finally, I bought it. Hahaha.

Packaging :
It comes with round packaging, with gold color. We got the clear cap as the bonus since we can peeking the color inside the jar. The cap it self comes with swirl type. (I hope you understand what I mean --")

Color and Texture :
I got the blush in number 17 rouge. It has pink color with hint of peach which can never go wrong with all skin color. This color make my face looks fresh. The texture it self is great, not powdery and easy to blend. OMG, I love this cheap blush on!

Swatch and Pigmentation :
 HANDS DOWN! This blush's pigmentation is greaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! And the best part is, it's build able! So you can build the color according to your complexion.

What I Love :
- Affordable
- Pretty Color
- Great Pigmentation

What I hate :
- Te swirl cap -__-"

Final Verdict :
I love this blush on so much! It has great pigmentation, affordable price, and the color is pwettttyyy! You may like this blush on if you want affordable blush with great color pay off. You may hate it if you have problem with swirl cap issue. Haha

I hope this short review help you
See you soon *kiss*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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6 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. warnanya perfect buat daily kayaknya :) seger dan soft ya...

    1. iyaaa. cocok banget. ini selalu ada dimake up pouch aku :D
      thank you ya sudah mampir ^^

  2. terlihat bagus yah pink ini, pas bingit lagi pengen warna pink peach.
    cuma bener sih kalo mode ulir itu melelahkan :P
    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)


    1. Iya,, cakep emang warnanya, bikin muka keliatan seger ^^
      will check your blog soon ya, thanks for visiting ^^

  3. the color looks great <3
    will be even better if the packaging is more convenient :)



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