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Hello Fellas,,
 How's your day?
FYI, I am sick. I was too tired after my boyfriend visited me couples day ago.
He came to Surabaya and I always want to accompany him. So, after my supaaa dupaaa tiring job, I go everywhere with him. Ate some culinary in Surabaya, until spent our hours watching film till midnight. Fiuuuwh, and now I am sick. So terrible. Oh yes! I have my straight hair back after my curly hair completely lost their curled effect. What a shame -__-"

Aaaaaand today,,
Another review in-almost-in-the-end-of-month
Another blush review. I hope you don't get bored of it. Maybe I will do some skin care review since I am madly crazy about skin care lately.

This is Sleek Single Blush On : Life's Peach
My on-the-go blush-on ever. Natural flush, bright effect, and voila, you're ready to go! I bought this around six months ago and I am sorry, I just forgot about the price *sigh*

Packaging :
It comes with never-go-wrong black and sleek packaging. I always love their simple packaging. Sturdy and look professional. It comes with 8gr amounts of product and a big mirror but still-not-big-enough-to-reflect-my-cheeks. lol. So, it's great for traveling, right?

Color and Pigmentation :
Comes with big amount of product, this blush gives us bright orange in pan. A lil bit creepy at the first glance, but not really on my cheeks. It has sheer pigmentation (on my skin) but still buildable. It will give you natural flush effect which make your face look fresh. So don't worry, it has a great color pay off, actually. Make sure you don't put too much product or your face will completely dull.

Texture and Swatch :
 It has buttery and smooth texture which I love so much!! FYI, this blush has no fall out issue and really really easy to blend! As you can see on my swatch above, it has great color pay off and nice peachy color after blended. The bright orange in pan was absolutely a joke to scare you *slapped*

I'll show you how's this blush work on my face.

I put it on my cheeks about 2 swipes to achieve this natural flush. It depends on your complexion (The most important thing is I hope you can see the flush on my cheeks, since my camera can't capture it perfectly)

What I love :
- Nice texture
- Easy to blend
- Has no fall out
- Great color pay off
- Build-able
- Travel friendly
- Nice packaging

What I hate :
- A lil bit expensive (but I don't really care, anyway, it comes in 8gr product!! *slapped*)

Final Verdict :
You may love this blush if you want a great blush on without feel worrying about the price. You may hate it if you don't want to spend any penny because you think it's too expensive (dollar is getting crazier lately, I know). 

I hope my crazy review will help you
Ciao bella~~ *kiss*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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14 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. oh my the color is so pretty and the price is nice for the amount you get too I think >.< ♥ You look really lovely on the photos ^-^ Don't worry I think you still look awesome with straight hair hehe~

    1. Aawh, long time no see you dear! Yeah, I think it still affordable when I bought it, but now, I can't say since dollar is getting crazier lately. Haha

      Anyway, thank you for your compliment :*

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you cece!!!
      OMG, dipuji cantik sama cewe cantik *.*

  3. BF mu tinggal dmn gitt?
    This blush on really suit on you ^.^
    Senyum mu mengalihkan duniaku git XD haha

    1. Jekardah vee T^T
      Waaa, thank you vee
      *kasih lirikan maut*

  4. The color is so cute. Looks more soft and natural on your cheecks.

    Visit mine ^^

  5. i love love love this color!
    looks great on you as well! <3


  6. waw orange... dimukamu jadi fresh banget ya. suka.. tapi ga yakin di muka aku bakal seseger gitu deh hasilnya :(

    btw, main-main ke blogku ya hehe

    1. ini buildable siiih, harusnya bisa seger juga di muka kamu :D
      kan bisa diatur gitu warnanya, nggak langsung yang jadi pigmented banget di pipi

  7. Cantik fotonya~~ >O<


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