Lookbook (And Tips!): Sun Is Shining And So Are You

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"..Then you came my way on a winter's day
Shouted loudly come out and play
Can't you tell I got news for you
Sun is shining and so are you.."
--Axwell Λ Ingrosso "Sun is Shining"

Hello good people!

Just a quick post about my outfits that my boyfriend gave to me. Well actually he sells this clothes but seems he want to give one for me and selfishly picked this piece by his own. Fortunately, it went good on my body though I need to make it a bit smaller due to my weird body size *sigh*

I took these pictures during –let's say Summer vacation– on July by the one and only Amanda my favorite photographer. I love how the vibrant colors of this clothes went so well with my super bright hair  (I accidentally dyed my hair with wrong color but turned I love it so much).

This clothes made from very nice fabric. I don't really know what exactly it is, but it's thick but not stiflingly hot at all. Such a perfect piece for summer isn't it? Even it went well with my –look a like winter outfits– outer.

Well, actually their brand called Sun Is Shining And So Are You –like Axwell Λ Ingrosso's song lyrics– and shortened to SishAndSay. It sounds catchy to be honest, and feels so spoon-fed. Just like a girls during their summer breaks. With bright hair and glowing skin.

Here I bring you some tips to wear a jumpsuit!

1. Find the perfect size
 Don't go too tight or loose.You might ended up like a wrapped candy when you wear a super tight jumpsuits. Or you may lost your figure when wear the ultra-loose one. Find the best cut or model that suits you body might help too. The one I wore is the basic cutting of jumpsuits and left your shoulder exposed, if you think that your shoulder is too wide, go with halter neck one, or off shoulder. It will wrapped an exact part of your upper body and give you an smaller illusion~

Finding a perfectly draped jumpsuit is gold! It will make your figure more flattering, more elegant and taller. You will look even slimmer! For people with 1:1 body, you can define your figure more with belt and place it where you want to 'make' your waist. And it's easier to do with loose jumpsuits.

2. Snap some outer!
When selecting a blazer or jacket go with one that enhances the jumpsuits and goes with the occasion. For me, I always want to look chic and professional. So I went with this outer that I got from my Mom and I never know what the heck is the brand. Well you practically don't need to wear the outer, you can simply 'hang' the blazer on your shoulder and let it works!

3. Wear heels with wide leg
Who said that petite people can not afford a jumpsuits? Wide leg jumpsuits can overpower a small frame so make sure you’re pairing it with skinny heels. Well, actually however your figure, when you wear a long wide leg, you have to wear heels! Why, because wearing flat will make your jumpsuits looks too big and sloppy.

You may say you hate jumpsuits, play suits, whatsoever, but you can go like in one piece and done, how can you not love it? ;)

Wrislet from @egie.room

It's almost holiday and Christmas is right in front of our nose!
Have you plan your holiday with your precious one? Or family? Or anyone who will make you happy? Whoever they are, I hope your holiday is great and your new year will full of blessing~
annyeong! ❤

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