Tips: How To Wash Your (Semi) Velvet Shoes

11:56 PM

Hi felllaaas >w<
It's been a years since I wrote my last post. Khekhekhe. 
I know I  have too many reasons for my MIA. Hahaha. So I'll pay it.
Today I wanna to share with you a tips to keep your shoes. As you may know. I love shoes like I love lipstick. I can buy many pairs of shoes if I have enough money in one purchasing. LOL.

So, do you have any shoes with semi-velvety material?. If you have some, you may think 'it's difficult to clean up' since it can be damage if you wash it roughly with water. But, I found out that water is not the main reason.

Are you interesting?
Then, let get start it :D

Prepare your shoes. Mine is from Little Things She Needs. And you can see, it still in good condition. FYI, I bought it last year (or in January?) I forgot. Hahaha.

What you need :
1. A LOT OF tissues 
(noted that. A LOT, sorry if I only show you that two pieces of tissues)
2. Tooth brush with soft bristle
3. Any kind of shampoo or liquid soap

What would you then :

1. Find the dirty part of your shoes. As you can see, I have grey stain on my shoes
2. Pour some water on it

3. Put a lil bit of shampoo or liquid soap on tooth brush then soak it on the wet part of the shoes, you have to do it until it foamy

4. Do it gently and don't too rough, or your shoes will be damage. That's why I suggest you to use any kind of tooth brush with soft bristle

5. Rinse it with water on the foamy part. Do not rinse other part since we don't need to do that
6. Make sure you rinse it completely

7. Dry it with tissue. I found that tissue absorb water quickly, but not make it dry. It does better than any kind of fabric, and it doesn't damage your shoes (if you find another way to get rid the water quickly, you can share it in my comment box) 
8. Put your shoes in the place with good air regulation. DO NOT try to dry your shoes under the sunlight. It will damage your shoes

Aaaaaaand, tadaaa, you'll find your clean shoes without any damage :D
The most important thing that you have to know is, if you want to keep your (semi) velvet shoes from any damage, especially water, you have to dry them up immediately when they wet. If you don't have any concern to dry them up, the water will ruin the velvet. You have to know that you CAN NOT dry them (or any kind of shoes when they're getting wet) under the sun directly, it will damage the shoe soles.

Hope this tips will help you, tell me if you have another tips to share. I'd like to know them :D
See you soon *kiss*

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  1. Pictorialnya bagus2 kak xD
    Makasih ya tips nya :3
    Emang yang namanya sandal gampang banget kotor apalagi yang ginian -,-)
    Nice post ^^


    1. wihiiiw, makasih jessica <3
      tapi masih agak ngebayang ya, next time, coba lagi biar fotonya lebih bagus ^^
      iya betuul, sepatu atau sandal gampang banget kotornya, ya gimana juga, dipakai di kaki sih ya, pinter-pinternya kita ngejaga aja biar mereka tetep in good condition ^^

      Thank you for commenting anyway :3

  2. Great tip!!! :)
    thanks for sharing!
    visit me soon on

  3. the tips, so inspiring for me:)
    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

    1. Thank you for your appreciate :D
      Nice to know you <3


  4. welcome back gita sayanggg <3 nice post btw!!! great pictah too~~


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