Pout-Put: Maybelline New York Color Show Lipstick - Downtown Red

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Let say, who doesn’t love lipstick? I mean, though you’re not a lipstick person, admit it, their color are always steal your attention, right? And for a lipstick minded like me, lol, I just can’t hold myself to live my lipstick holder to the fullest. If you know what I mean anyway :))

So, today I would like to do a review about my cheapest yet AHMAZING ever! I bet you all are already know about Maybelline COLORSHOW, right? This range offers you 15 high-impact colors at low prices. I mean true LOW PRICES. So now you can keep your penny and say hello to the Maybelline ;D

A couple days ago I bought Downtown Red as my first baby from Maybelline COLORSHOW lipstick. Well, I choose this color because mostly of them are sold out. HA HA. Poor me. So, let’s check out, why they are so popular ;)

It wrapped in black and sleek packaging with cellophane plastic with “COLOR SHOW” wrote on it. As I said before, I don’t want this plastic gone from the tube, so I cut the plastic between the cap and the lipstick holder. You know, near the red line. Ah, and yeah, the red line shows you the color shade.

Downtown Red basically is a berry red color with hint of blue undertone. I love this kind of red since this color can instantly bright my complexion. And I think I can pull this color perfectly *yeay, standing ovation* *slapped*. About the pigmentation, IT’S PERFECT for my lips. I can get the color with just one layer of application. But again, it’s buildable ;)

It’s creamy. It glides smoothly on my lips. It semi-matte finish. It’s nourishing like lip balm. What else??? It’s just perfect for me. It has sweet candy scent which is not bothering me at all, because it just disappears when applied on lips. I think mostly of Maybelline lipstick has this scent because of the honey nectar in it.

Again, sorry for my messy swatch. Hahahaha.So, as you can see, the color is buildable and it's blue undertone berry red. 

- Cheap
- Great pigmentation
- Creamy
- Glides smoothly on my lips
- It bright my complexion
- Nourishing like lip balm

- I don’t have any, I don’t know with the other color *grin*

I think this lipstick is worth to try. It’s cheap. I mean, you only spent 30.000 rupiahs and you got creamy, nourishing lipstick with perfect color payoff. So what are you waiting for? ;D

Maybe I’ll go for PERFECT PLUM for my next buying. Can’t wait my time for Lorde-ing :)))
Hope this review helping you *kiss*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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8 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. bold lips! cocok buat kamu beb.. huhu bikin sexyyy :*

    1. Iya eee, aku agak kurang cocok kalau pake warna kalem-kalem gitu, tapi pacar sukanya aku pake yang kalem-kalem, kalau yang warna terang cuma merah aja, wkwkwk
      Thank you beb anyway, sudah mampir :*

  2. warna red nya manis banget, ga serem kyk wrna merah yg biasanya nge jreng gitu.... ^^


    1. Iya, soalnya ini agak berry gitu warnanya, jadi kaya ada bias ungunya ^^

  3. Kaka cocok ya pk ini ? kalo aku kurang suka sama seri colorshow,selain fragile scent nya juga kurang. Padahl harganya murce :( di aku gak cocok malah bikin bibir aku menghitam :(. Aku ada review lipstick ini di blog aku main-main ya kak kalo ada waktu ;).


    1. Iya, lagian kan pakenya juga nggak setiap hari ^^
      Mungkin kamu bersihinnya kurang tuntas? :O

    2. Gak tau sih kak knp,tapi aku pas pake seharian menghitam deh heheh. Warnanya cantik2 padahal heheh

    3. Coba aja waktu selesai pake di bersihin beberapa kali, trus bibirnya di scrub, kalau gak ada scrub cukup pake sikat gigi lembut yang udah dibasahi trus di gosok ke bibir pake gerakan memutar, siapa tau bisa menghilangkan sisa stain dari lipstick, sekalian ngangkat kulit mati
      Semoga membantu ya ^^


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