Tips: How To Remove Any Bad Scent From Your Shoes

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Hello fellas :3

Today I wanna share  another tips how to keep your shoes. Well yeah, again since I love shoes so much and lately I got bankrupt because of them
They just caught my attention and my penny, so, I HAVE TO take care of them more. Anyway, it's very hot nowadays. FYI, my feet sweat a lot and - there are kind of shoes that not match with any socks, and it sucks. So I have to wear it without any socks which means my sweat will stay on it, and it was kinda "eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwh". And in other day, I drowned into mud when it rains - the weather is too extreme, thou.  My shoes was wet, and when I am not dry it perfectly, it leaves any "wet" part that made it goes worse. You know, bacteria, stain, anything. This situation bring me into reality that I found any bad scent on my shoes. 

So, today I would share about "How To Remove Any Bad Scent From Your Shoes" :D

Oh, anyway, if you curious where I got this shoes, I got it from @bembiibloopshoes
Go check their Instagram to see another design, they provide many great shoes with affordable price :D

For this tips, you need :

- Coffee Powder
- Spoon
- Two pieces of tissues for each pair

1. Put some coffee powder on a piece of tissue

2. Place it in the middle of tissue

3. Wrap it securely, make sure you twirl the tissue so you lock the coffee powder inside

4. Put it in your shoes

5. Put your shoes in place with good air circulation, it will help to reduce the bad scent

You can use camphor for an optional if you don't really like the coffee's scent. You have to pond it first and place it on tissue like we did with coffee powder. Make sure you have any silica gel to put inside the shoes after you remove the bad scent. You can place it in your shoes box (if you place your shoes in the box) or you can put it inside the shoes (if you place it on any stack). It will help you to maintain the shoes. 

So, I hope this tip will help you ;))
See you soon *kiss*

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