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Hello fellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!
Finally, I am back with review, yeayy!!
Today I wanna to share with you my favorite lipstick.It comes from Maybelline. As you know that Maybelline has recently launched some gorgeous shades from Color Sensational series called The Jewels. Most of them are in fuchsia, plum, and berry range which is autumn/winter shades. I love these kinds of color because it’s deep, romantic yet mysterious. It instantly gives you elegant and sexy look.

What I get from the web :
So Bold, So Modern, So Sensational
With Maybelline’s Color Sensational – The Jewel lip colors, every kiss of yours will have a precious, priceless appeal! Featuring bold, provocative colors and an exquisite creamy feel, these lip colors look good and feel great. Dress your lips in these bold shades and make your lips your most attractive facial feature!
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Has deep jewelucent pigments for illuminated color
• Nourished with honey nectar for a creamier feel
• Features deep, provocative shades

Few days ago, my sister bought me one of them. We got it for 74.500 rupiahs if I am not mistaken. I found it quite cheap for great lipstick. Why I said it great? So, here is my review ;)

It comes with square tube with pink clear cap. I found some sparkling swirl on it. The cap itself is wrapped by cellophane plastic with “The Jewels” wrote on it. Since I love the plastic, I decide to cut the plastic between the cap and the lipstick holder, so the cellophane plastic still wrapped it around ;D

The shade that I choose is Berry Brilliant. This is a plumy fuchsia berry shade with. It glossy and have no shimmer which I love. I found that lipstick with shimmer is a gross! I hate it. Anyway, I never found any fuchsia lipstick that matched my skin tone. And surprisingly, this color suits me well! 
About the pigmentation, I don’t have any complain about it. It beyoooooooonds amazing *hands down*. It cover my whole lips perfectly only with one swipe (but it’s buildable, so you can built more pigmentation in 2-3 swipes). The best part of this lipstick is it’s staining on lips which the glossiness was gone and leaves deep berry fuchsia that stay ‘till I clean it up. So the color will stay a lot longer. I wore it about 5-6 hours without eating and 4-5 hours when I got “some” meals (hahahaha, you know that I eat a lot).

I found that it has nice smell and the texture is creamy. I must admit, this lipstick is melting on my lips. It contains honey nectar (the scent is nice), so, no doubt if it moisturizes my lips a lot. It glides smoothly and it doesn't sink into fine lines, but it can be bleed around the lips when eating (but it depends on what you eat). 

As you can see, it has plumy fuchsia with berry shade which looks deep and rich on my skin (pardon my messy swatch, hahahah *slapped).

But it gets pinker on my lips, hahaha

What I Love :
- Cheap
- Pretty packaging
- Very gorgeous color
- Glides smoothly
- Doesn't sink into fine lines
- Creamy texture
- Moisturize my lips
- Stains my lips
- Great pigmentation
- Buildable
- Nice scent

What I hate :
- It's bleeding during meals

This lipstick is great one. I mean, it's cheap and has a good quality. Otherwise, this lipstick would complement any skin tone. You might like this lipstick if you love any bold color, gloss-person, and looking for a great fuchsia color. You might hate it if you're not bold color person ;D

Hope this review will help you. See you soon *kiss*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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  1. bagus yah warnanya suka.. jadi pengen cobain...
    Kindly folback ya Gita.. Thanks :)

    1. ayoo cobaa,, aku sudah beli warna yang lain *ketagihan*
      suree, will follow you back :D


  2. kemanaaa aja???
    cakeeeppp bebiii pake hot pink gitu xD
    ditunggu next post nya yaa,,hihi

    1. sibuk sayy, hehehe
      iya ni, finally dapet yang cocok tone, biasanya eleeek, bikin kusem :|

      hehe, soon ya~~

  3. This is such a lovely color and you are gorgeous!! ♥

    1. Thank youuu, you're such a cutie girl too ♥

  4. cantik banget kak >< foto ke 2 sama ke 3 apalagi *Q*
    Jadi fuschia banget yak xD
    thank you for sharing !:D


    1. wihii, makasiiih,,, dipuji sama krystal euy :3


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