Lookbook: Take A Drink Flower Petal

11:27 AM

"..Silver vase, take a drink flower petal 
Whistling songs like steam from the kettle 
Carry silence like driftwood that rides 
On the tide, on the tide, on the tide.."
--America "Tall Treasure" 

A crazy bright day to do a photo session. Or to be exact, this photo session. I remember I have a lot of things to do with my friend, Amanda. Then a crazy idea pop up in our mind and decide to do this photos session at 12 at noon. Like literally 12 at noon on that humid, dry, and hot day. Plus, we did it along the road in beach. Completed with burned asphalt on the bridge.

We just finished at 2 PM and we ended up boiled like crabs. Lesson learned. Don't be too crazy to pour your idea, doing an outfits photo session, outdoor, in a very hot weather.

Anyway, how's the fasting going? Surabaya is kind a hot bitch, right?

annyeong! ❤

 photo d7a3233b-9d25-46b9-9c51-df4668d6a883_zpsov4v3zff.png

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