Lookbook: I am Singing My Blue

10:19 AM

(I’m singing my blues) 파란 눈물에 파란 슬픔에 길들여져
(I’m singing my blues) 뜬구름에 날려보낸 사랑 oh oh
Blue - Big Bang

Not sure when I took these pictures since it already soooo long time ago.
Just a comfy casual chic outfits for rainy days. An oversized denim, black trousers and converse. What else I could ask for? Oh and choker for a lil sweet-grunge touch. I actually never get enough over oversized shirt since they can be sleek and cute at the same time. I get my boyfriend's shirts to wear nowadays, since he couldn't fit in them anymore LOLOLOL

 Shirt: Unbranded
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Converse
Choker: @rainbowproject1011 
How about you guys? What kind of clothes that you love to wear? :3
annyeong! ❤

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4 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. Your jacket is so cool!


  2. Your blue denim shirt and black Zara pants look great styled together, and you look beautiful in all of these eight outfit photos! Your lipstick and your hair look very pretty.



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