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  Hello good people!
Sorry for a long hiatus. I have a lot of things to do and honestly. It's totally sucks. And it does affect my body. Health and even my weight. I gained a lot of weight for these past few weeks. And I hate it. Not because my body shape turn worse, but it also affect my health since I can't go too fat *sigh*

This problem bring me back to an event that I join around February. I am so sorry for delayed post. But hey, it's better to share it, right?
This event is an Beauty Blogger Meet Up with Puraforma Body Clinic which held by Puraforma and Womanblitz. When I came to the clinic, I was totally amazed because the clinic is sooooo cleen, sleek, and gorgeous.

Here you can find a cute spot~

And again~

And a lot of resolution which wrote by some friends at that time.

Puraforma is so generous for welcoming us with a lot of cute healthy snack and this wine! You can see that this wine has a 'Halal' label because it doesn't contain any alcohol. Oh wow! And actually it's good for your health (I am totally need this thing *eh)

Here meet with my fellow blogger! YEAY!

WIth Nessya from namakeupdiary.blogspot.co.id

A bitchy face for bitchy bitches~ *eh

And here is the event!
 Mbak Lilies from Womanblitz gave some speech before start the event. She told us that she already know Puraforma Clinic and already tried their treatment. Hmm~

dr. Handy Wijaya, M.Biomed (AAM) & dr. Fanny Imannuddin, M.Biomed (AAM), ABAARM
(their title is so difficult to remember wtf)

This cute little healthy snack~ Oh and the healthy kiwi-lemon-kale juice. MY FAVE FTW!

dr. Fanny Imannuddin, M.Biomed (AAM), ABAARM

First, I want to tell you that Puraforma is a clinic which focused on body treatment and body shapping. The patient will be checked before having a treatment. This check methode will help the patient to know the best diet program for them. You don't need to worry with the treatment, because they have a good team, professional doctors, and great machine!

dr. Fanny told us that when we want to shape our body or do a diet, we need to have a plan, a big guts, and motivation to change. Because that will be a great start to do a diet. Many people fail on it because they dont have plan, guts, and motivation to change their midset and body. Hmm, for me, my motivation is to look beautiful in front of my future husband #eh

dr. Handy Wijaya, M.Biomed (AAM)

dr. Handy told us about our body. He said that everybody has a different condition. Their muscle mass and fat also different. So that's why they need different treatment too. He offer us to check our body mass and what to do to get a body goals! WOHOOOOOO! PUJA KERANG AJAIIIIB!!!

We need to step onto this machine to check our body mass. Before, we need to piut down our metal accesories. I was wondering at that time, how about bracket? *slapped*

The Monitor

Me. Hold my fucking move to get the best result. DAMN I LOOK SO PROFESSIONAL THO, WTF

The nurse told me about the result

Here's the result from my body check. Actually I thought that my weight around 56kg, but WTF I am only 52,9! My BMI is almost under. But the rest is good! SUPER YEAY! dr. Handy told me that I need to work more on my hips. Oh yeah, I know, that flabbluous hips *sigh*  dr. Fanny said that my tight muscle is damn good. Hell yeah baby, I know I cant count on you bhahahahah! They suggest me to reduce the cardio exercise to prevent a loss weight too much and now I become a pig, blame my laziness

My result. Click to enlarge.

Event their mirror is instagram-able. WTF

dr. Handy gave a lot of advice for Nessya~


Puraforma Clinic has 4 floor with a lot of treatment room and GYM. Their clinic is extremely gorgeous! Like really!

This is the first treatment room. Detoxification room. In this place, our intestines will be cleaned.I just can't imagine that our intensines will be washed, like polished pipe. Ok. That's my wild stupid mind -___-

The washing machine.

Next treatment room is for breast treatment. Hmm, should I get this one? *slapped*

dr.Fanny with breast treatment machine

The super famous Venus Legacy Machine

The super gorgeous treatment and consultation room.

A model that helps doctor to explain about fat inside our body

A fat reducer serum (?) with super fine needles to prevent pain

With Redha from redhacshinta.blogspot.co.id
With Ce Mindy from pinkandundecided.blogspot.co.id

Super cute (honestly I forgot his name *slapped*) trainer from Puraforma Clinic

A group picture because it's A MUST!

Thank you so much dr. Handy Wijaya, M.Biomed (AAM) & dr. Fanny Imannuddin, M.Biomed (AAM), ABAARM for the knowledge. And Thank you Surabaya Beauty Blogger x Puraforma x Womablitz for having me ❤


Puraforma Clinic

Jl. Dr. Soetomo 97-97A Surabaya

Instagram: @puraformaclinic


annyeong! ❤
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