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Today I would like to share my thought about my Althea’s special box, Perfect Cover. This is my third box from Althea and my third collaboration with them through Surabaya BeautyBlogger project. I was so happy when I received this package since I dont have many makeup in my stash. Sound ridiculous right? I am a beauty blogger but I dont have many makeup. LOL. It just because I love skin care more. I actually will get the Anti Pollution box, but I get this one instead. So, are you curious about this box?

It comes with six full size beauty product:
1.       Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion (SPF 45 PA++)
2.       Secret Key Skin Perfecter Cover Up
3.       It’s My Lip Crayon (RD 01)
4.       Witch’s Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer
5.       Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
6.       Clio Microfine Oil Control Fix Mist
7.       Swiss Pure CC Cream (Sample)

Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion (SPF 45 PA++)

My friends scream out about how they craving into this product. How about me? Actually I don't really into cushion since I have a big concern about sanity issues. I can’t imagine put the puff like so many times –mostly after I pat pat it on my face– OKAY, maybe it’s just me. So I pull my self together and decide to try this product, with a lot of different tools!

1.       With the puff that comes with the product.

I honestly only press it twice with light motion into the product and it looks like the product CAN COVER MY ENTIRE LIFE. It conceals everything and the product comes too much! I dont know the result would be this messy when I PRESS THE PUFF TWICE. LOOOOOL. Seriously, It even cover my whole neck. My chest. OMG I was so waste..

2.       With my own puff

I actually bought A LOT OF regular puff from daiso. You know, the one packed inside the plastic and comes with different shape. I bought around 5 pouch. LOOOL. So I press the puff once (since two is too much lololol) and pat pat on my face, then blend. The result? Still, it could cover my entire life. LOOOOOOL. OMG I dont know, this product is so great yet so tricky.

3.       Take it with regular puff then blend with brush

Well, I am not give up yet. So I try another trick. I put some product with CLEAN regular puff. Press it once, pat it on my face and blend it with brush. The result? THE PERFECT COVERAGE EVER!!! Well blended and look so flawless yet still natural.

The next problem that I got from this product is it settles under my eyes and around my nose. It also could be too dry for my cheeks. My skin is so picky when it comes to fondation, bb cream, or in this case, cushion. That’s why I only stick into one fondation product. So, to solve this problem, I always put a lot of moisturizer with gel base, since the cream one could make the cushion feels so slipery. Then I put a makeup base only under my eyes and do the extra blend on that area. The result? Well, there’s no result that could betray the effort. Hahaha!

Secret Key Skin Perfecter Cover Up

I love this product! So much! Except the sink-into-fine-lines part and the melting-because-of-humid-weather-or-whatever-hydrating-product-underneath. Actually this product is a star. Since it’s easy to blend even with the finger. The texture is great. Not too thick and not too runny. But I found out that this product could sink into fine lines after I swatch it. And the worst is it could melt, especially around my nose when I put too much moisture product. Hmm..

Some of my friends from Surabaya Beauty Blogger said this product could be too orangey for them but I dont get that expereince. Is there any number of shade for this product? Please let me know because I cant find any number of shade for it. 

It’s My Lip Crayon (RD 01)

THE BEST SHADE OF RED EVER!!! Though the formula is too dry, the color payoff is gorgeous! The color brightens my complexion instantly! Wohoooo!! I usually wear it as gradient lips then topped it with lip tint. Sound unusual (people usually put the lip tint first then the lipstick afterwards) but I love in this way. Hehe. Well, IT’S ACTUALLY MUST HAVE ITEM.

Witch’s Pouch Perfect Cover Concealer

Mine is in NB color and it is a light beige which sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty for highlight. I wear it under my eyes too. It glides smoothly and has a nice texture BUT IT BREAKS EASILLY EVEN WHEN I NEVER DROP IT BEFORE! WAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE WORLD IS SOOO CRUEL TO MEEEEEEE!!!!!????? *get stoned*

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

The most famous mineral powder from Innisfree is in the house yo! Fine particles and smooth texture can prevent oil comes up on your face. I ussualy wear it on my T-Zone since my U-zone is soo dry and I can’t imagine how it could be if I topped it with this powder. It comes with white color, I am not sure is it's a translucent powder or it could leave a white color on your face since it turns colorless on my face. The one that bothered me is the scent is like a traditional medicine. I dont know..

Clio Microfine Oil Control Fix Mist

IT HAS GONG HYO-JIN ON IT OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! *slapped*
Ehm, pardon me, ehm. This product claims that it contains an oil-control formula that normalizes your skin's moisture levels. Anyway the ingredients stated are in korean language :( so I can't see the ingredients list. Before I get this product in my hand, I search the review frist and find out that It has the oil control powder! But is it really inside the bottle? I can’t see it thooo. Or is it just me?

How to use:
Place the mist about 20cm away from face and spray 2-3times on all over the face and let it be absorbed. You can close your eyes so that the mist won't get into it.
It dispenses a very fine mist. I love it alot as it's so fine, it spreads out evenly on my face. Please make sure you ain't holding it too close to your face!


Swiss Pure CC Cream (Sample)

I WISH IT COMES IN FULL SIZE SINCE IT’S A VERYYYYY GOOOOOOOD PRODUCT though it leaves a lil bit greyish color on my face but I love how it softens my skin like ouwh-my-God. It’s so flawleeeeesssssssss. Sigh. The texture itself is a lil bit thick for CC Cream, but it blends easily with finger or a lil damp puff. I try to find this product on Altea’s website but I can’t find it. Hmm

So, my conclusion about this product is *drum rolls*


I love how it comes with full size product. Althea is so nice and has a great concern when it comes into collaboration project. I am so grateful. Even the product is so great. No Joking. I am not paid to buzz them but that’s the truth.

Thank you Althea’s for trusting me and of course thank you for Surabaya Beauty blogger for the chance!

So, have you try all  of those product? Please share your thought on my comment box! *kiss*

annyeong! ❤
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  1. aku ngerasa kalau inisfree nya kayak bedak kanji jaman dulu itu wkwkwwk >,< iya gak sih hahaaha
    nice review :)

    1. Iyaaa kaya bedak lama yang baunya aneeeh wkwkwkwk xD

      Thank you yaa sudah mampir~ ❤


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