Event Report : The Body Shop Green Fair Event and Gathering

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Hello sweety xD~
Sorry for another delayed report. Finally I could post this report. Last year (so long, I know, just pretend to don't know okay? *slapped) at December 12th, 2012; I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia to attend private gathering with some of online buddies. Some of The Body Shop's lovers were invited to this event. I was pretty excited because I will meet some friends at that event, you know, some beauty blogger were coming too. i met Carolline, Shelvi, Hana, Ce Lina, Ce Shasha, and Ce Shelley. That event was held in Rolaas Cafe, Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya.

Rolaas Cafe, The decoration was so pretty, eh? So classy and vintage,, really love it :3
(*pssst, my office was did their advert and some place decoration)

At The same time The Body Shop held an event on Atrium Tunjungan Plaza. They were campaigning "Green Fair" movement. Sounds cool, eh? :3 

Let's reduce plastic, be a GREEN CONSUMER, beauty with heart
 *muehehehe, that was sound like superhero quote*

Body Shop always did some campaign with global issues to do their promotion which is really good for branding their product. Some modern - or postmodern people are really concern about global issues like global warming, violence, or other issues. Body Shop really catch the point and re-produce those issues into great promotion for their product. Great marketing leh?

Some blogger fellow, kyaaaaaa xD~
I am so happy meet them

Meaaaaaaaaaals *Q*

I was so hungry at that time, and I was surprised that The Body Shop would provide some meals for us, nyaaaaaaa~ xD
We have talk about anything fun at that time. Mas Iman and Mbak Nadia (I didnt take any picture of her because it's too crowded when she show her make up creation *kick other beauty blogger) gave us a lot of great tips for make up *unfortunately I was too busy with my meals at that time -__-*

Here's mbak Galuh and Mas Iman, the MUA :3

Mas Iman was show us how to create a dramatic look, and the result was amazing :3

Here's mbak Kiki, the model (she looks like Naysilla Mirdad, right?)

And mbak Nadia was showing us how to create a fresh look with natural glowy look (really love it *Q*)

Hana as the model xD~
(She was volunteered her self to be the model, lol)

The event was over at 9 p.m and we don't forget to take some (*ehm,, many) pictures. That was really FUN xD~

With mas Iman :3
(He looks like Franky 'RebZone' for me, Lol)

We were taking some picture in the "Green Fair" stealthy, LOL xD~
And here's my outfits at that moment :3

Here's some goodie bag from The Body Shop :D
I was curious about vitamin E moisturizer and want to try it, but my skin was not able to accept it. If I consume too much vitamin E directly on my face, it will break me out. So I decided to share it through my giveaway, anyone interest? :3 

Hope you like this post, sweety, see you soon :*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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  1. Thank you for following, I'm you newest follower right now ;)


  2. Wow, you look amazingly gorgeous!!! This event looks super cool too! You're so lucky you got to attend! (:

    Cindy C.

  3. cici aku mau dong giveaway nya hahaha! aku suka pake body shop sebenarnya, tp skg lg treatment dr dokter. seru ya ikut2 event ky gitu. keep gorgeous cici!


  4. ternyata MUA nya itu namanya mas Iman, dia ada juga pas acara beauty workshop TBS di Jakarta ^^


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