Complexion 101: Face on Face Compact Powder in Vanilla Beige

11:59 AM

Hello ladies :D
Today I will do some review about one of Indonesian Brand. It's Face On Face :D
Actually I got this as sponsor product for review. But I was too busy to write it. So, I don't want to delay it again. I got the powder in Vanilla Beige, this color is really suit for my skin.

  • Packaging
The packaging is sleek, but the pink color make it look cute and fresh :3
And when we open it, we will found that there is a gap between the powder and the puff. I really like this thing. Why? It makes the puff cleaner, and absolutely more hygienic :D
For me, I don't really into this puff. Not because the quality, but my skill using puff is bad. Lol. The puff it self is really good.

  • Color
The color is really suit for my skin tone. Honestly I dont really like using any powder because it will oxidize on me. But this powder works really well on my skin, and no oxidize :D
  • Coverage
The coverage is good, it has medium coverage and smoother your face perfectly. It cover my freckles nicely. Yeah, it's not covering perfectly, but it's not bad. It's good. And the formula is really light, it doesn't clogging my pores. I really love it !

  • Texture
As you can see, it has really smooth particle. It blends well on my skin. Unfortunately this powder works really bad when my skin get drier. It's great if you moisture your face first (but maybe it's different depend on your skin). It's containing improved hyaluronic acid which is keep your skin's elasticity. It makes your skin become smoother too. It also containing vitamin E which is giving nutrition to your skin. Sounds promising leh? :D

It can be use as foundation too, but I never try it before. Maybe I'll try it later :3
I love this powder because it also has double sunscreen agent and Oil control&shine free agent ! Really good for my combination skin :D

pros :D
- great coverage
- nice packaging
- has hyaluronic acid and vitamen E
- has double sunscreen agent and Oil control&shine free agent
- not oxidize on me
- not clogging my pores :D 
- It's affordable (I know it through some research, lol)

cons :(
- a lil bit difficult to apply when my skin got drier
- It's still hard to find :(

Hope this review helps you ladies :D

P.S :
Anyone ready for giveaway? :3

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  1. Hey, great review. I haven't heard of it before, thanks for sharing. :)
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  3. Great review, you have a great blog, maybe we can follow each other ? Let me know !

  4. your blog is great!
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  5. wah , ini mungkin jadi wishlistku lol .

    btw , folloback blogku juga ya cc :D

  6. thanks for your lovely comment!
    I followed you this morning, I am your last follower :)

  7. What a great review! But boo that the powder makes your skin drier... that's what I hate about certain powders. Thanks for the review!


  8. Another great, thorough review!
    Although I don't use anything for my face...I probably should, but all I do is makeup on my eyes haha.
    Thanks for all the comments too btw! Haha, I am a little shoe-crazy ;)

    Trendy Teal

  9. Bajusss ce! Thx for the revieww~ xD


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