Eyedoring: Face on Face Trio Eyeshadow in Natural Glow

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Hello ladies xD
So, today I will continue my post about Face On Face :D
Face On Face Indonesia kindly sent me some their product to review. A couple days ago, I already did a review for their compact powder and I do really impress with it. And now, I will do some review about their trio eyeshadow. Well, actually they have two variant for their eyeshadow. Mine is Natural Glow. Sounds promising eh? So, let's see, is that really glow? :3

  • Packaging
I don't really like about their packaging. It looks fragile and easy to broke. The shape is rounded in the corner, I prefer perfect square for eyeshadow packaging. I like symmetric shape more. But the pink color helps them to stand out the packaging, and the transparent cap helps me to see the colors. I love the colors. It comes with sponge applicator too, but sorry to say, I don't use them to apply my shadow. I prefer using my brush as well :3 

  • Colors
It has three natural colors. They are dark brown, light brown (seems like gold too), and pearly white, and not forget to mention, they have pretty shimmer!!! It's a perfect shades for daily natural look. The color will brightens your eyes very well.

  • Pigmentation
 The pigmentation is great. I just need one sweep to get this color. But still, I suggest you to use any eyeshadow base to get a vibrant color. The lightest color great for highlight and gives a very very natural glow on your eyes. But unfortunately, the darkest shades was not able to give the "deep" effect in crease area.

  •  Texture
The dark brown shade has buttery texture, so creamy and easy to blend. The lighter color tends to be powdery if I put them too harsh with my brush, but it's still tolerable since I love their color xD

  • Pros :D

- Nice colors
- Affordable :3 (I know it through some research)
- Great pigmentation
- Shimmery !!!!! xD~
- Give your eyes a natural glow

  • Cons :(
- The lightest shades tend to be a lil bit powdery if I put them too harsh with my brush
- The darkest color is not able to give 'deep' effect on your crease
- I don't really like the packaging. lol

I give them : 4/5 yeaaaaaaaaaaay xD~

So, don't forget to support their page on Facebook : Face On Face Indonesia
And if you feel that you still hard to find their product, I'll give you their list about some store that sells their product click here
Bye everyone, I'll talk to you guys very soon :D

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18 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. A really good review. The colors looks nice and you pictures great.


  2. #LOL I like symmetric shape more.
    OCD Symtomp...
    Cute selca...

  3. kyaa kak sekar, you know my disorder ! lol xD~

  4. Cakepp. Muka cece kelihatan glowing *0* pakai apa ce? *salah fokus*

  5. You are just so cute and pretty! ^^
    Haha, another great review!

    Trendy Teal

  6. cute banget sih kamyuuuu *cubittt xD

  7. hadeeehhh...habis lulus tambah cantik aja jeng :)

  8. aww your beautiful!! :) great review hun :)


  9. Nice color and beautiful you :)

    Hai..Really need your help, Please Vote me.
    Your voice means a lot for me :) (Photo no.3)
    The Sunny Day Is Taking Over
    Thank you so much <3

  10. great review - the colours are really pretty on you! want to follow each other on bloglovin???

  11. Gita, thanks for the sweet comment nya..hihih...peter pan colar necklace nya banyak dupes nya tuh..easy to find..=D

    happy hunting!


  12. Amazing shades and your pictures are really great :)))
    www.olivains.com <- do you want to follow each other ? Let me know :)

  13. Your makeup looks so pretty, and I am envious of your blemish free complexion. Lucky you!

  14. great colors! :)
    you look so cute!! ^^

  15. looks very natural ill have to try those!!


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