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Hai, readers~~
So maybe you gonna ask why I posted this review again since I already post it a couple days ago. It because I deleted my post, accidentally. Sounds silly?? Yes I am,, huaaaaa
Actually, I just want to delete my draft, but my fault was I also checked this post then I clicked the delete button. wohoo, how's smaaart !!! *standing applause* *crying in the corner* *sigh* So, here I am, digging my draft again and trying to find this post in my flask disk. Glad that I found it there !!! Thanks God x))
So, I am gonna do my review (again) about this Sleek 'Oh So Special' Eyeshadow Palette. I got this palette from Miss kattiey's giveaway. She asked me to review this palette first. I feel so lucky and so special :3

It comes with black packaging and guide book (so sorry I didn't take any picture from the guide book)


 Packaging :

It comes in black packaging. Just black. With soft brand printed on it. It's so sleek. Just like the name. But I love the packaging since it looks so professional (oh professional, why it always come in black??), but I love black (aside from cute packaging) than transparent cap. Transparent cap makes look cheap IMO. It has transparent plastic with the name of each eyeshadow printed on it. Makes me easy to mention the name of eyeshadow that I use if I make a FOTD :3
So I give : 4/5

Color and texture :

It comes with twelve colors. The range of colors are quite good for me (I am not good on eyeshadow, sorry). It has six light colors, four medium colors, and two dark colors.
The first row are :
- Bow : Matte broken white. A lil bit chalky for me
- Organza : It's kind pink color with hint of brown and gold glittler. Satin finish.
- Ribbon : Matte soft pink color.
- Gift basket : Sparkle brown. Satin finish
- Glitz : Deep blue with soft glitter. Satin finish
- Celebrate : glittery deep purple.Satin finish

The second row are :
- Pamper : Matte peach color.
- Gateau : It's kind of pink color with hint of purple and gold glitter. Satin finish
- The mail : Matte khaki (?), skin (?) color. 
- Boxed : Matte dark brown color
- Wrapped up : Matte dark brown with hint of purple
- Noir : Matte black !

So I give : 4/5

- The color of this palette is so sweet IMO. There are so much pastel color, and the colors with glitter have satin finish that I really love, but the texture of this eyeshadow is not too good. Most (or I need to say all??) matte color are chalky and the color with glitter is powdery. So it has a big chance to fall on your cheek when you apply it.

Swatch and Pigmentation :

left to right :
1st row : bow-organza-ribbon-gift basket-glitz-celebrate
2nd row : pamper-gateau-the mail-boxed-wrapped up-noir

without flash

with flash

I swatch them without any eyeshadow base before. The pigmentation is amazed me. It's great !! Only a few colors that are not too pigmented, like bow and the mail. But to get great pigmentation of this eyeshadow, you have to make sure that you take a bit much eyeshadow on your brush (ngusrek (?) nya agak di tekan, tapi berhubung si Sleek ini powdery dan chalky, ngusrek (?) nya jangan terlalu kasar biar eyeshadownya gak terbang-terbang). Do not swipe when using it on your eyelids, but pat-pat your brush, in order to get more intense color, then blend it to smooth the harsh line.
So I give : 4/5

Total : 4/5

I think it's a good palette since it's not the best, but I love their color. It has sweet colors. So,, have you tried this palette before? :3

P.S : I'll host my very first giveaway soon !!

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  1. wahhh trnyata bener ya klo sleek baru ud ga ky waffle lg bentuknya. aku jg pengen beli ini tp msi mikir2.. :p

  2. wuhuu aku juga lg po sleek nih tp beda warna, semoga pigmentasinya kaya ini juga *amin hihihi btw love to see ur blog ^^

  3. Great review! Pretty colours! I like boxed and wrapped up.

    Radha xoxo

  4. thanx for the review :)
    tp aku msih bingung mau beli ini atau mua T.T

  5. aku pake sleek palette juga!! love it~ ^^

    XOXO Kiky,,

  6. Great make-up pallet.

    Thank you for visiting Blush and your lovely comment! I am following you now. I’d love if you follow Blush.


  7. aww, your blog is so lovely dear!!
    I followed you back of course and can't wait to see more of your posts <3



  8. The Sleek palette looks so versatile!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Thanks for the follow, of course I follow back! xoxo


  10. ayuk ayuk diadain giveawaynya kakak cantiks... ntar aku ikut dan meramaikan hehehehe

  11. This palette has such pretty colors. Thanks for sharing the details of it!


  12. Love the colors in this palette. Thansk for the review

  13. That palette looks really lovely ! Nice review & photos. :)

    Indie by heart


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