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12:25 AM

Still remember with Miss Kattie's Giveaway ? Incredibly amazing, right ?

Then, when she announced that the winner is me, I was so shock and cry (believe me, I tell you the truth). I was in Bali that day, and I felt so happy. Double happy because I was in my acation. My boyfriend, coffee, was constantly teasing me. 'cieee ayank menang..' and I just want to punch his face at that time, but I was too happy, so I don't punch him x'D

When ce Kattie ask me to send her my address, I was so panic, my boarding house's owner is so suck, he often don't give my package. so I decide to send it to my cousin's address, but Coffee suggest to send it at his address, so I said yes. But when the package came to his boarding house, I was bursting in laugh because something on my package, I'll show you then

So, here's the package, it comes with green box, and I love it !

a gift card, Ce Kattie is so sweet, thank you so much x)))

Aaaaaand, here's the amazing present xD

Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

Estee Lauder Lipstick (Oh God, So much 'blink-blink' *Q*)

NYX Mega Shine Gloss in Natural (I already reviewed it, here), Etude House Nail Polish

SK-II thingy *Q*

Miss Dior Parfume

White Rose Body Wash and Hand Cream

Lat but not least, Estee Lauder Pouch (Sorry, I forgot to take the picture)

Anyway, I want to share my story. I've told you that I have person that send me money to do my study (I said it on Ce Kattie's comment for this giveaway), remember? She suddenly choose to not send me some money again, I don't know why, but she said that I've to take the money in her house. It means that I have to ride a bus to go to her house. That was make me feel so sad, It's hurting me so much, I mean, I do everything to get that money, I do my study to make she feel happy, but she doesn't. Because of that, I got stress till now, that's why I've cut my hair twice. I just thought why this happened to me, I was crying when I pray, I ask God to forgive me and lighten my problem. Everyday, but I still feel so sad. Then two days ago, I was crying a lot and realize that I forgot to be grateful to Him. I realize that and now, I know why that was happened to me. He just testing me. I know it. Then I start to be grateful to Him, and today I just submitted for a scholarship. I am so grateful to get it x'))
GOD always had a magical way, always x')

And, I do really grateful because I won this giveaway, Thank you so much Ce Kattie x)
So, please comment down below, and choose the product that should be reviewed first x))

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8 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. Sleek palllateee
    Sdh mo coel pnymuu cm pantangg tunggu km sajaa

  2. wowwww asyik banget barang2nya kkkk. Aku ketinggalan berita ga ikutan giveaway ini huhu. Tunggu next giveaway aja deh :p *mbak kattie adain lagi dooong hehehe*

    eh ternyata selama ini aku jadi silent reader aja y? barusan aku udah follow back blogmu hihihi

    hv a nice day!

  3. congratz gitaa XD XD aaa menggiurkan banget hadiahnyaa

  4. Ayo Miss Dior, Miss Dior, Miss Dior.... #Banci parfum muncul
    Bolehkaaahhh? *ketip ngrayuuu*
    Congratulation for ALL, dear >.< Sukses skripsinya yaaahhhh... *hug*

  5. thats awesome! congratulations!

  6. congratz y..
    dan tetap semangat, God will give what is the best for you, pray for Jesus and believe him, He will help you in any situation...btw, aku juga pernah ngalamin kejadian yg km alami itu, aku juga sering nangis gara2 hal itu, tp aku tahu Tuhan sedang memberikan aku cheers..(>_<)

  7. WAAAAAWW!!! congrats gitaaaa!
    keren2 banget make up nyaaa!!


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