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12:33 AM

Hei readers,, lately, I love to wear anything sweet, flirty, or girlie. I don't know how to say it, but my feminine side is showing off too much this month. LOL. Maybe because of my anniversary with my boyfie, Coffee is close enough. I still can't believe that I through this three years with him. Sound romantic? I don't think so, we fight a lot. Haha, but we love each other too, and we do it, harder :)

I found this skirt in one of mall in Surabaya. I just forgot the shop, it's Gaby, or Girl's or something. Coffee said he loves this skirt though hate it too, because I am too busy make it always look good, hahaha, blame the skirt honey :D

And yeah, I dyed my hair (again) and got this weird color, wtf. I even don't know how to call this color. Red? Purple? Wine? Brown? or Afgsdaefayh. LOL. It changes a lot under the different light, it makes me so afhfsdtehsj. Wtf lol. I decide to re-dye it again, later.

And, I found this cute sailor top in Atum Market, my favorite place to shop, ever. So cute and cheaaaaaaaaaaaap !! Hahaha. I just spent 35.000 rupiahs or $3,5 for this top. I love the tiny tie, makes me remember about Japanese girl's seifuku (school uniform) :3

And this is my favorite picture at that day, with my weird hair, and weird smile, but still cute indeed, lololol xD~~~ *slapped*

Top : Atum Market
Bag : Unbranded
Skirt : Unbranded
Shoes : Unbranded
Watch : Gift's from Coffee :)

So, this is a long vacation eh? How about your holiday readers? I am fasting now, and it's really hot in my country. Well yeaaah, hope that I can through it, pray for me, haha :D
See you next time (≧∇≦)/

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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13 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. Your hair is so pretty :). Love it! pengen banget punya rambut kayak gitu :(. cuman engga cocok rambut pendek.

  2. ohhhh... great luck! Pretty blue!!! seeya flower!! ^.^"

  3. Wow, you look absolutely stunning! I just love that amazing hi-low skirt and your blue blouse :)

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  4. cute top :)

  5. hello ;)
    can u follow back my blog pls?
    thanks before !


  6. waah pengen bisa pake rok gitu.. hihihi.. lagi buncit jadi susah :D ..

    tq for following me yaah... already follow you back :)


  7. Hello, I luuuv ur skirt, looks so pretty on u :)
    and ur high heels :)

    btw I'm ur new follower, wanna follow each other^^

  8. I love your outfit, lovely skirt and top!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!


  9. love this one :)
    atasannya ingetin sama sailormoon :D

  10. oh ya rambutnya cocok banget mbak, topsss

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