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Hello fellas :D
Just bought Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Loganberry, and if you love berry shades, your makeup bag will scream for this baby. I know that this lipstick had deliciously creamy and potently pigmented color. So, yeah, that’s why I don’t need to think twice to buy it. Well, honestly I bought their quality for sure –with additional reasons like *ehm* sale *ehm* and spellbound from Caroline since it lil bit pricey when not in sale. Hahahaha.  

The box is beautiful. Very beautiful. It comes with flowers and birds pattern. It looks classy yet elegant. OMG, I love those pattern! It looks delicious GORGEOUS!


The packaging is beyoooooooooooooond beautiful. It’s gold, sleek, slim, with "Too Faced" printed on the packaging. This baby also fueled with luxurious effect which made me said “Hmm, it’s truly expensive. Literally” and Caroline laughed so hard when I said that. 


The texture is creamy. Like –over creamy– for me. When I opened the cap and twisted it up, I found that my bullet has broken. I mean the surface went so bad :/ You can see it from my picture. And the reason why the top of my lipstick ruined was I already swiped it on my lips before I snapped the picture. Huahahaha.

It apply smoothly and don’t settle into my fine lip lines. It’s totally over pigmented!!!!!!!! One layer last from 5-6 hours. It super moisturizing and the lightweight formula truly make my lips get fall in love over and over again! And the best part is no transfer –especially to my Rik’s– which is supeeeeeeerb.

The bad side is I found that the creamy texture made this lipstick melted easily in humid weather. So make sure that you save this baby in cool place. 

without flash

with flash


I describe Too Faced La Creme in Loganberry as a deep, berry pink, which will give you sultry effect on your lips. And yes! I am totally obsessed with this kind of berry shade lately. It’s an ultimate accessory for vamp makeup for sure. But unfortunately, it turns lighter on my lips. I hope it turn as dark as the bullet. IDK, maybe it just because my natural lips color. But it's okay since it brightens my complexion *wink*

Aaaaaaand, the cute part is the smell from this baby somehow like melted chocolate for me, or marshmallow? O.O

What I Love :
- It apply smoothly
- Don’t settle into my fine lip lines
- One layer lasts from 5-6 hours
- The super moisturizing,
- Lightweight formula
- No transfer
- Nice scent

What I Hate :
- It could melted easily
- pricey when not in sale

When I am goofing around. Hahahaah

So, this is my review. Shortly, I LOVE this baby!! *except the melted part and -eeeeer- the price*
I hope it could be a reference for you to make a decision when buy a product. Buy it when it fulfills your needs, but don’t buy it when you still have another priority to buy. Be wise on your penny^^


 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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12 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. duhh box nya baguss.. warnanya juga bagus *.*

  2. Ah cici cantik satu ini... Cocok banget warnanyaa :)

  3. ini bagus amat...!! love the colour so muc..!! nice review sayang
    just followed your GFC


    1. Thank you so much, dear^^
      Will check your page :3

  4. aduuuhhh si eneng cantiknyaa :D
    sukaaak sama warnanya, tp gak iso pede pake merah :(

    1. ini lho ndak meraaaah hahahaha, pink :3
      ayo nyoba warna gini, cari alternatif yang lebih muraaaah, kayaknya revlon punya deeh, atau maybelline colorshow :3

  5. duh, boxnya, warnanya, cakep semua! >_< aku juga tertarik sama lipstik ini, tapi mengingat harganya, jadi mengurungkan niat deh hahaha. nice review, kak ^^

    following you :D

    1. iya,, semuanya cantiiik

      Hehehe, thank you ^^


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