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Hello Fellas :D
Today I would like to share my lovely MAC Lorde Pure Heroine limited edition. I already told you that I've been obsessed with plummy shade. And I felt like "God knows me so well!" when I got this baby.

Pure Heroine Lipstick is part of the MAC Lorde collection, a limited edition. And as a big huge fan of Lorde I have to buy it. Oh c’mon, she has unique yet catchy song which is an unusual great treasure for my ears. And her style is effortless! White shirt, casual tee, off-size pants, super curly hair, and dark lips. WALA. Then you’ll stick to her. 

First, I can’t find this lipstick, like anywhere! I was asking many online shop like a mother who try to find her children. But I didn’t get it. Lucky, I asked Liana from Bunny Beauty Cosmetica about this baby, and she HAS IT!!! She offered me to do a pre-order system, with price around 225 rupiahs and I was like “yes yes yes I do!!!” without think twice hahaha. A bunch of thanks for you, girl *kiss*

Well, FYI, my favorite MAC lippies are MAC Amplified family members, that was my first (and the one and only) MAC lipstick that I have, which is already be my mom’s property *sigh*. Aaaaaaaand this Pure Heroine baby has MAC’s Amplified formula, which means smoooooth, intense, long-lasting color (around 6 hours, no joke!).  But, despite of those super privilege things because it’s MAC, I’ll show you some deficiencies from this baby.


Let’s talk about the packaging. It comes with black packaging with silver MAC logo printed on it. The tube itself looks like galaxy for me, you know, something black with small white dot like stars. Or not? Ok, maybe I am drunk. I never love MAC packaging. They look weird, eeer, I think it’s only about preference but, that oval cap makes me set one's teeth on edge. Hahaha. I love the ordinary cap, uumh, I hope you understand what I mean.


I describe Pure Heroine as a dark, capricious plummy shade since it appears brighter on my lips than it does in the tube (which I described as blackened plum). But I am happy since it doesn’t transfer into reddish plum on my lips. It still gives me dark purple shade with great color pay-off which I love so much! In other hand, I realized that this lipstick color is adjustable with my natural lips color. I have darker color around the edges of my lips. And the color of this lipstick turns darker in the edges of my lips and lighter on my inner lips. IDK is it a downside or not. But, somehow it makes my lips look like ombre lips creation, and I don’t like it -__- so I usually cover the edges of my lips with lip concealer to get an even color.


For the texture, there’s nothing I could say. The texture is very smoooooooooooooooooth and glides like a cream on my lips. No hard application, no sink into fine lines, no bleeding out of my lips, NO LIES! And I was like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Lol. But, the downside of this lipstick is it often fade easily (on my inner lips) due to the super creamy texture. I found that case if I talk too much or when I have my meal. Then my lips look more ombre -__-

My boyfriend said that I am look maturer, and my friends said that I am look like step mother when I am wearing this baby -___-

What I Love :
- Creamy texture
- Long lasting
- Moisturizing effect
- Doesn't sink into fine lines
- It's not bleeding
- Great color pay-off

What I Hate :
- The cap -__-
- Fade easily on my inner lips
- Adjustable with natural lips (which is bad for me) because it makes my lips look ombre
- Pricey
- Limited Edition!!!!! *screw you*

So, this is my review. I love this baby although it has some downsides. Hope it could be a reference for you to make a decision when buy a product. Remember, my review is a guide for you to buy a product, not a guide to make you become an impulsive buyer. Okay? Be wise on your penny^^


 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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20 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. wowww kren warnanya sukakkk >.< , tapi pricey ._. *mundur1000langkah*


    1. Iya ni bebiii, mahal bingits! Ini aja byarnya nyicil dua kali *DP sama pelunasan* duitnya aja dapet dari hasil mijitin bunda wkwkwkwk
      Itu kayaknya aku salah tulis harga juga, mestinya 255 kalau gak salah. Huwoo, tambah mahal T.T

      Eniwei, thank you ya sudah komen :*

  2. Ya ampun git, aku juga obsess banget sama warna2 begini, bagus warnanya vampy2 gimana gitu . You looks beautiful babe <3

  3. OMEGOOOTTTTT! PURE HEROINE ! sukaaaak banget sama warnanya, sama lordenya juga hihihihi. cantikkk sayaaang :D

  4. awww.. cantik cantik :)


  5. Git, mau tanya nih, lipstik MAC mirip NYX nggak sih secara tekstur atau pemakaiannya di bibir?
    Pengen beli tapi masih ragu2 hihihiks

    1. Honestly aku nggak bisa ngasih gambaran pasti mirip atau nggak nya ya nin. But maybe, maybe yaa, the closest texture may goes to NYX butter lipstick, since they are somewhat in the middle of NYX's round lipsticks and their black label lipsticks. But, Milani Black Cherry could be a great dupe for this MAC Pure Heorine I think :3

  6. omg that color is just beautiful!~'I bought purple lipstick before but it looked too hard rock for me but yours is just belong beautiful!
    great review!

    1. Yeaaah, it's truly pwettyyy!! \
      Wah, is it too dark for you? I thought it would be nice for you wearing any purple shade since you have a fair skin, it could be look so fierce :3
      Thank you for stopping by, Una ^^

  7. Stunning color dear! thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thank you ^^
      sure, i would like to follow each other ^^

  8. Gitt warnanya cakep >.<
    keren km XD brani pake wrn2 gelap kyk gini..
    klo aku bli, bakalan cm nangkring di makeup stash ._.

    1. Waduh Shel, aku sukanya warna-warna terang dan gelap soalnya aku kurang bisa pakai yang soft-soft nude gitu, kayak lagi sakit soalnya kalau pake kek gitu wkwkwwk


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