GG Murmur: My Breast Story

5:22 PM

Heiyoo readeeeeeers, OMG, I am missing you so much guys !! 
Sorry for my long hiatus, I got a lot of schedule for shooting, you know, something like that *slapped* LOL
No,, I was not good for couple weeks ago, I was so stressed. It's not about my theses anyway (actually, yeah, it's about my thesis too, I wasn't did it for two weeks, even for touch it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!). Well, actually, I am sick. About three weeks ago, I found that my chest and breast felt so painful. I thought that happened because I was stressed bout my thesis. But the pain was not gone after one week. I was afraid and decided to check up and did some USG. Honestly, I was so surprised after knowing the result, but I am not afraid at that time. Even I can't feel my pain at that time.

Well, I got 4 lumps (3 benign tumors fibroadenoma -1,3cm-7mili-5mili-, and one cysts) in my right breast and one lump (benign tumor fibroadenoma -1,2cm-) in my left breast. Not big, and not dangerous. I can do some surgery if I want but doctor say it's okay if I don't do it. Anyway, these my USG picture.

Sometimes I stared at them (now, I store them. I don't want to see it anymore) and thought that was a baby. It must be so much better if I saw any babies picture inside that USG result. But Unfortunately it's not. Well yeah, I felt okay at that time. But everything turned so worst when I went home. My family was panic, even my boyfriend too. I feel so depresses. They talk about it too much and I became so afraid. I got stressed and lost my weight until 4 kilograms. Sound bad eh?? I become so thin and ugly. Yes, I say ugly. I found a very big dark circle around my eyes, I lost my chubby cheek, and my sexy body *slapped* (That's why I don't do any blogging thingy because I don't want to show you my weak ugly body to you all) I was so stressed and depressed (but I am getting better now). I know they worried about me, but that was not helped me at all. They tried to looked for some alternative medicine for me. I love drink them, I love that medicine, because I want to be health anymore, but my family reaction made me feel so depressed. So the medicine doesn't work at that time IMO. Because I am not cheerful and not sure about that herbal life thingy.

I feel my face goes so worst. My body feel not good and that made me don't want to do anything. That worse. The worst part in my life ever !! So I decide to go back at my boardinghouse. Talk about something fun with my friend. They supported me and I feel so strong and feel better. I even told this thing to my lecturer, and she feel sorry about this, But she support me as well, so I become so strong day by day. I did my make up again, and keep my healthy. I also tell about this to my lil sister, Caroline. The only one of IBB's member who know about my problem (now, I tell all of you, ladies :*). She support me and calm me. I felt so blessed and happy for having friend like her too, so I get my spirit again. Now, I gain my weight again and keep drinking the herbal medicine. I also checked my breast after I got my period. Now, I feel happy and feels health (think positive will help my healing process). I also pray to Allah everyday.

This is me now xDD~~

So, I beg on you my dearest sisters, pleaseeee, check your breast and your body. Feel it, something weird in your body, then check it to the doctor. Do some preventive thing will help you so much. You know, being beautiful is being health too. I love you guys :*

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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30 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. gitaaaa :(( you're so brave enough to share to us *hug*
    reply my sms, okay?

  2. Thank you my dear,, nice to have friend like you too :')
    I am finee,, Pray for my better health owkayyy..

  3. Gitttt!! I pray for the best for your health!! Really , reallyy.. You're brave enough to face everything and now have the guts to share with us. I have to admit I admire you more..

    I think that my health condition just now is nothing compared to you, dear ^^

    I support you , just don't give up !

  4. Hi dear~
    Jaga kesehatan kamu baik2 yaaa..
    Hope everything is allright..
    Gbu dear! *hug*

  5. I hope u get well soon, dear.
    I'm so sorry to hear about ur disease, I hope u can stay calm and cheerful always.
    I know it's not easy, I ever had internal disease too and been in a surgery before.
    But I always believe that positive thinking will help to regain our health.
    I pray for u..

  6. Semangat Gita :)
    You have a very beautiful smile.. >.<
    Keep fighting for your health.. Hope you will get better, better and better condition.. and don't forget to take care ur self.. ^^
    Gbu dear *hug

  7. OMG, my dear!!
    Gita, so brave
    Cepet sembuh ya git!!

  8. Hi dear! I'm so glad you feel much better now. Anyway what's the lump about? You didn't have any surgery for it? Jadi pelan2 itu hilang sendiri kah? Aku suka berasa sakit sedetik-dua detik juga sih tapi aku acuhin~ Jadi kepikiran loh sekarang -__- perlu USG kali yah? D:

  9. hii gita,
    sekarang aku jadi aware nih buat ngejaga body, terutama breast :)
    u so brave enough for sharing this to ur blog, hope u get very well ya :)

    Stay Healhty :)

  10. @Konayachi : It's benign tumor and cysts dear, please check your breast soon >.<

    @all : thank you all *massive hugs and kisses*

    never thought you'd finally write aaaaand i never thought that i was doing something great for you.

    all i did were to support you, never thought it would be something that kept you up and get your spirit backkkkkkk (;A; )

    semangat yaaaaa ce? I WOULD NOT LIKE TO SEE YOU CRYING OR FEELING DOWN AGAIN. Be strong because i'll always be with you and we all love you!!!! never let that smile go away, because people loves it. I love it. God loves it!

    love, hug (i promise to hug you in real person once we met!) and kisses. and keep blogging! XD

  12. Tengkyuu memeiku sing ayu deweee :**
    Love you love you,,
    I keep praying to God and curing, healing myself :*
    I am gonna be fine :))

  13. Git, you're one of my fave blogger whose blogs I always enjoy to read.

    I'm more inclined to adore you than to feel sad for you. You are indeed a very brave girl, and I believe mind will reign over matter.

    I have faith you'll be healed and return to your original state and condition. Worry not about your face right now, it's healing and it'll be much better, I bet.

    Having taken a look at your selca, I think you look as pretty as ever ♥. God bless you abundantly, sweetie. Get well soon!

    - Roma

  14. i have nothing to say, just the biggest cyber hug everr! *HUG*

  15. let's pray for all of us, me, you, and friends.. wish Allah keep our health at the best condition..aaamiiin..
    cheers up dear ;D

  16. Gita :'(
    jadi ikut ngerasain deh rasanya!!
    kamu jadi kayak pahlawan wanita loh buat aku pribadi.
    tetep berpikir positif ya git ;)
    pengen peluk rasanya. AAAAA :(

    Thanks for being so kind, I am so happy x')

  18. Ci semangat yah :)
    Everything is gonna be ok.
    Btw, dulu waktu gw sma gw jg ngerasain benjolan gt kalo mau dpt trus k dokter katanya tumor kudu diangkat 1/4 bagian gt.
    Gw uda setuju operasi tp org rumah pd stres gw jd ikutan stres mpe mewek2, hahaha akhirnya batalin operasi pdhl uda masuk kamar. Jd gw tau bgt perasaan lo panik gara2 keluarga hectic abis pdhl kita sendiri awalnya nyantai aja.
    Tp trus gw ke dokter paulus, lumayan terkenal doktermya, obatnya herbal jamu2 gt, dulu sih dokter dharmais apa pelni gt tp uda pensiun jdnya praktek d bsd.
    Trus ternyata pas dy cek itu alhamdulillah bukan tumor tp ky kelenjar susu (glandula mamae) tambahan gt, jd ky anjing gt banyak kelenjar susunya. Yg diobatin malah hormonnya, katanya hormon gw ga stabil. Alhamdulillah sih sampe skrg gpp, tp kalo mau dpt pasti ya ada jendolnya dan agak sakit.
    Itu sharing gw maaf kl kepanjangan.
    Ga usah dipikirin bgt, yg penting jaga makan n jgn stres.
    Kalo gw dulu ngmg2 ama keluarga malah bikin stres hahaha, makanya gw milih diskusi sm temen, ya mirip2 lah sama lo....
    Semangat yah ciii...

  19. semangat ya ci.. Selalu berdoa, Tuhan akan menjawab doa cici.

  20. are you okay gitaaa?

    aaaa jangan sakit yaaa :(
    nanti jarang ada yang posting fashion sama make up lagiii...hehe

    aku berdoa supaya kamu cepet sembuh!
    semangat! fight gita!!

  21. Gita, salah satu teman baikku mengalami kejadian yang sama persis kayak kamu..yang paling penting memang harus hidup bahagia dan menjaga kesehatan dengan baik. kalau terlalu banyak dipikirkan justru malah ga baik buat kesehatan. aku cuman bisa bantu doa aja semoga cepat sembuh ya *hug*

  22. hai,get well soon yah..
    yang penting tetep positive thinking dan berusaha mengobatinya :)

  23. *HUG!* You gonna get well soon! I pray hard for it! Nothing gonna beat you girl!

  24. Gitaa, I'll pray for you
    get well soon ya dear ^^
    we ♥ you

  25. Gitaaa, jadi ikutan sedih bacanya.
    Tetep semangat ya dear, jangan mau kalah sama penyakitnya.
    Cepet sembuh ya pokoknya :))

  26. dear Gita,
    i think you should have some surgery :)
    i got big lumps (tumor) when i was 17 in my stomach :( yeah, that was so awful but it felt so much relieving when it was taken off from my body.
    just my advice.

  27. So glad to hear they weren't malignant! Hope you feel better soon!

    Thinking of you.

    Radha xoxo

  28. get well soon dear, may god always bless you^^ ♥

  29. I live the picture and how healthy you look. Hang in there. You have so many friends that love and support you as well as amazing family that loves and always be there for you. Keep that gorgeous smile of yours and know that we will pray for you :) God bless you!

  30. Gitt.. seoga kali ini aku berhasilposting komen di blogmu ^^
    Aku juga pernah saay kena tumor.. tapi waktu itu langsung masuk ruang operasi krn udah bernanah, hiks.. kalo km ga disaranin operasi berarti ga gt gawat... minta obat ke dokter juga yaa jgn makan makanan berpengawet dan jgn stres.. semoga cpt sembuh amin...

    ~Niza Kom 2008~


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