Nail Art : Dolly Wink Inspiration♥

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Hi ladies (っ ̄∇ ̄)っ
Today I would like to show you a tutorial that I made. Sorry it's not a good tutorial. Actually I've made a video for this tutorial, but the video was corrupted and I can not play that video ( ノ` 皿´)ノ

So, i just write the step. Hope you'll understand it guys ♥

This nail art was inspired by Dolly Wink product. I LOVE their packaging. So cute and sweet. Because of that, I made nail art based on their pencil eyeliner packaging.

See? The packaging is so cute right? Kyaaaaa xD~~
Then, here are the steps ♥

1. Use light pink nail polish as the base, put on entire nail. Like this. See? (sorry for the annoying light)

2. Then, make patterns such as lace edges with black color using nail brush on the top part or bottom part of nails. It's up to you guys.

3. Use pointy stick or needle to make pink dots on the black part like this.

4. Choose one finger and draw a black ribbon using pointy stick or needle. Dolly Wink is well known with their cute black ribbon xD~~ Then paint black dots around that black ribbon

5. After all done, put the top coat on your nails. I use top coat with gold glitter inside. I think it would be more cute ♥

And its done \(>∇<)/~~ ♥

Hoaaa, I hope this will help you guys. I'm so shy because this tutorial is so bad. I hope you'll understand every steps I wrote.

Thanks for reading, stay healthy (@゚▽゚@)ノ

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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15 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. Nice! I like it!


  2. Those are so adorable!!

    xo Gillie

  3. nice darl, i've been try but still bad. hahaha :D

  4. super cute! :))

    Now following!

  5. pretty nail art !
    btw, I'n now following you ! mind to follow me too ? thankssoo xD

  6. Love this! I am your newest follower :), you have such a good blog! BTW I also have a new nail design post of ombre nails. Check out my blog and follow :)

  7. Wah gw jadi inget waktu coret2 kuku pake tipe-x pas SD.. :D

  8. Great tutorial dear ^^ Yup, Dolly Wink unyu bgt yah hehehe.. Bagus loh nail art nya :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  9. kyaaaa,, I love your tutorial. Nice and cute..
    Thanks for sharing this. I'll do it too, next time if I got my period. :)



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