Beauty Review : MNY Watershine Lipstick

10:02 PM

Hello my lovely friends (@゚▽゚@)ノ
I've bought a lipstick from Maybelline. It's MNY Watershine Lipstick. Well, I don't really like using lipstick on my lips. My lips are drying fast when I'm using lipstick. But I'll try it.

I bought it on number P22. My boyfriend choosed this color for me. He said that he likes the color. Lol.

I think I quite love this lipstick because it doesn't make my lips dry. I also love the little glossy effect on my lips (sorry, I forgot to swatch them T__T) , the texture is so smooth too, make my lips look juicy. But the juicy effect just hold around 2 hours on my lips, and just left the color without any effect >3<

What I love :
♥ Lovely color
♥ affordable price
♥ Glossy and Juicy effect
♥ nice packaging

What I hate :
> the effect just stay around 2 hours (It happened on my lips, I don't know when on your lips ladies, maybe it depens on your lips type (*・ω・)b)
> the color isn't too pigmented on my lips

I hope this review will help you ladies and readers. See youu ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~♥

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16 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other with Google?


  2. lol at the name of your blog and I like the colour too:)

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  3. hi sweetie,
    i gave you a stylish blogger award on my blog because i think you are a stylish person. i hope you like it.

  4. great color!


  5. I like the color!!

  6. I just found your blog and it's great! I'm also running a contest right now! You could win a £50 voucher for Sunglasses Shop and anyone can enter! Stop by and check it out!

  7. congrats on reaching 100 followers. it's a great milestone..... i was giddy when i hit my first 100. :)

    love that shade of lip stick! i like maybelline, but yes, it doesn't last that long. :)


  8. Hmmm I'm not sure if we have watershine lipstick by Maybelline in the US..I'll have to see! i like their color sensation formula! TY for stopping by and following, I've done the same and hope to see you back soon!

  9. That really is a nice color :)
    Your bf choosed well i think!

  10. I use maybeline too, R21 xoxoxo..

  11. Nice post! Love this color! Check my blog and follow me if you want!


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