Hello GG!

about-gita-reginaHi, I am Gita. Simply call me 'G'.

G -pronounced as gee /ˈdʒiː/- is my nickname, took from first letter of my name given by my childhood friends. GG is simply a repetitive form to make it cuter, but it also stand for Gita Gorgeous! Make sense, eh? Haha. Kidding.

A self proclaimed unicorn  with 5'6" tall, 53kg -mostly fat in tigh and tummy-, a proud monolids. I am completely a chronic OCD. A lil bit talkactive. A hopeless romantic. And the most straightforward person eveerrrrr.

My passion is running around fashion-beauty-lifestyle. And that's why my blog exists. But I am not a professional Fashion Stylist or a certified MUA. What you read on my blog is simply my expression about my passion. And I am not being patronize at all.

Another important thing that you may concern about is English is not my mother language. I learn it by speaking English a lot with my mom and reading many books, journals, or articles. So, please bear my terrible English.


I made this blog because I love to share my rambling thought about fashion-beauty-lifestyle or anything in between. I LOVE IT. REALLY. Until I found that reality is way too cruel to be imagined *slapped*. Well, I said it as a woman in her early adulthood age *sigh*. Now, I have A LOT OF work to be done. And I have to manage my time to do a review, a makeup tutorial, an OOTD, a tips, a personal writings, and so on and so on *inhale exhale*. So, after a long journey from early 2011, I decide to change the concept of my blog into more personal, more mature (?), and have more certain quality.

This blog was 'I Promise I am Not Naked' since it was a blog which talk about fashion. I won't say it was a Fashion Blog since I am not diligent enough to post an OOTD regularly *cursed my lazyness*. But then I realized that I wrote a lot of things inside this blog, and this blog is tematic enough to called as a-blog-full-of-rambling-thought. So yes, I want to make it more me, and that's why I canged it to 'Hello GG!' which simplier and catchy. It's easy to remember, isn't it?



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