Pout-Put: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #131 Ginger Rose

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Hello Fellas!
Sorry for being inactive lately. Yeah I am a bad blogger. Mwehehehe
Today I would like to share you about my favorite nude lipstick. I hope you don't get bored since I review lipstick too often hahaha. Well, I already told you that I am not really good in nude lipstick since it wash me out and make me look like a sick person. You know, the one who get typhus. Pale and sick.
But! Finally I found my true love! It's from Revlon, from their Super Lustrous Lipstick Range. I bought it on shade #131 Ginger Rose.

It comes with round black tube with transparent part on the top of the cap. There's nothing special about the packaging. I think it quite sturdy, so you don't need to worry about it safety when you put it in your make up pouch.

I describe Ginger Rose as a great nude with a hint of pink/brown that has warm undertones. It works as nude pink lip color and MLBB at the same time. No shimmers! And this particular shade which can work for day and night look. About the longevity, it stays on my lips for 4-5 hours without eating. A normal time for lipstick longevity. Haha. I don't mind to re-apply it since I love this lipstick so much! 

The formula is smooth, pigmented, and glides on well. It doesn't sink into fine lines and doesn't make my lips dry. The creme label is true to its claim. The pigmentation is just awesome. One-two swipes and you are done. It doesn't bleeding too. No smell and no taste! Big yay!

Great nude lipstick, isn't it? :3

What I Love:
- Great color pay off, it suits my skin tone and doesn't wash me out
- Glides smoothly
- Doesn't sink into my fine lines
- No smell
- No taste
- Affordable, it's only thirty something thousand rupiahs on their counter

What I Hate:
- Can't really think any

So, this is my review. I LOVE this baby!! Compare with their affordable price, it's really a treasure!
I hope it could be a reference for you to make a decision when buy a product. Buy it when it fulfills your needs, but don’t buy it when you still have another priority to buy. Be wise on your penny^^

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8 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. Uapik git,kayanya lipstick revlon seri ini jd lipstick sejuta umat ya,harganya jugaa ah terjangkau

    1. Ho oh ce. Mana warnanya juga bagus-bagus. Tapi mostly favorite ku yang seri creme. Awet di bibir. Coba ada yang matte. Syalalala~ :3

  2. Ini shade favorit aku juga ^_^


  3. 131 ya,,, hmmmm sepertinya boleh di coba tuh (^^) thank you for sharing ya... ;)


    1. Mari mari dicoba. Bagus banget jatohnya di bibir :3
      Thank you sudah mampiiir^^

  4. kangen liat postingan km Git xD

    Bagus ya warnanya *.*

    1. Inactive gara-gara mempersiapkan (rencana) pindah Jakarta ni cee.. Huks

      Iya bagus cee, ah tapi kalau cece mah semua cocok keknya xD


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