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"Dear GOD, I trust You.."

"If you have a dream, run. Chase it. If it's too high, jump. Reach it. If it's too far away, fly. Catch it. Then make it comes true. God never sleeps" -Gita Regina- 

Dear friends. 

It's nice to write again on this blog. 
This time I'm not going to talk about beauty or fashion. I want to tell you about a lot of things. About what I've been thinking these times. 

 Previously, I would like to ask you. What is your dream?


My dream is to become a designer. My all friends know how I love to design. The colors, the patterns, the styles, art, and the beauty of love which poured on a piece of cloth. It makes me really happy. You know, it gives me some euphoria when I did it. I can't lie if I enjoy it much.

Time by time I realize that I found what I love next. I got Public Relation class when I was in second semester, and it has a rule that I have to wear some make up on my face. You know, act like a professional. Well dressed then put some make up on my face really help me to make my day. I loved how make up work wonders on the face of each person who is touched by. It just like give me a new spirit.

And I realized that I found the similarities of these two things. 

Color, style, drawing, and passion. 

I recognizes that I live amongst it from I was a child. I know how I love art. Art that I mean here is not just a contemporary art or classic art that lives in the blood of artists. Art that I call here is how science, culture , behavior , and age , forming my mindset . Oh, if you knew how much I wanted to have my own label. How do I want my hallmark in face painting will recognize. 

And one more thing, I wanna go to school again. 
Getting a master's degree.
Oh my God,, I do really love go to school, and study. Learn everything.

I know. Build what I dreamed was not as easy as building a house of Lego. My parents might want me to work in well-known companies, with salaries above the average. Yes, it is humane. But everything has to be run with the will, passion , effort , and prayer, hasn’t it? Without one of those things, everything won’t go smoothly. 

Do not believe ? Let's tell a story. 

I've worked as a marketing in a small company . FYI . I never liked marketing. I feel , my sales art is bad. I got good tips to increase sales , but not in practice . In short, I suck . 

After that company , I continued my work with being a public relations at a wedding organizer . Well, at first I felt " this is my place" but not thereafter . There's nothing wrong with my work . I enjoyed it, but there was no passion in it . It's like things which make you go to school after a long holiday . Every day . Hmm , how does it sound ? Hard . 

I've prayed to God , trying to do their best as well , but I realize . Again . There is no passion . It makes me heavy in stride . Erm, like what I do is always wrong. But , I know . There is nothing that can be obtained easily in this world . Maybe God put me in this situation so that I can learn how I should choose a job . Or maybe God told me how hard to earn money , how hard to save , how hard to survive so that I could realize my dream , maybe God was taught me to survive in the midst of a situation that did not support me .

This situation make me depressed. You know? Like someone who doesn't know the direction and don't have any purpose. It made me become more sensitive, make me feel that people around me are hating me and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I cry, a lot. In a situation like this, seeing other people with their dream come true made me even frustrated. Envy. Darn! It makes me look like a person who is less grateful.

And this situation also took me in a state where I really hate someone, one person. I never felt this on someone. But she is different. I do not know, but from the beginning I saw her, really, I had no sympathy, whatsoever. She's racist (for people who arguably smart, she does not have any moral. For who studied social sciences, she never had a social sense and empathy. Even I doubt that she studied in social and political science faculty), in other hand, she ever favored by people I love who cannot love me for six years, and last, she can get what she wants. Period. I hate her. So much. Seriously, I've never been like this. But yeah. She did it. Perfectly. And I hate her perfectly.

Oh my God, please forgive me,,

I know, maybe I have not been able to reach my dreams now. Maybe I still have to cry every night, pour out my heart to someone who will never cease to love. Or maybe I still have to keep asking for help from God. But I know, this is one way of God for me to achieve my dreams. 

Maybe I have to jump higher to reach my dreams . Or maybe I have to fly to reach my dreams . And make it come true. Yes, I have to make those possibility into certainty...Amiin. 

Again, what's your dream? :)


P.S : My Giveaway Winner is Jessica Ie :D
Yeay, congratulation for you, please send me your address to I will waiting for 2x24 hours :D
FYI, I read everyone post and post which wrote by Jessica is interesting for me ;)
Again, congratulation Jessica :D
Anyway, what's your dream, J? :)

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19 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. i ve already follow u back my dear :* thanks

  2. Inspiring post
    and I love your quote.
    Hope you make all your dreams come true.

  3. Pukpuk Gita... :( Same here.. Kondisi serupa. Awalnya terasa menggebu0gebu lalu lama-lama merasa "inikah jalanku?"
    ayo chatttt :'( miss yaa~

  4. Semangat ya Gita ^_^
    Salam kenal sebelumnya :)

    Congratz juga buat Jessica ^0^

  5. Dreamcatcher jd keinget drama Heirs...
    Semoga impiannya tercapai yah ^^

  6. Semangat kak :")
    Congratz juga buat Jessica ^0^

    Karina Melias A

  7. This is just beautiful. How about we follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and G+ dear? If you're interested just follow me and let me know on my blog. I'll follow you back as soon as possible!

    Love, M

  8. hallo gita!, first i really get into your blog title. so interesting and made me curious about you. hhe

    second, i'm also a management student but really fallin love to design. you remind me about my dreams baby. sometimes i ask my self, what is my passion exactly? thank you for your post, nice to know you anyway, and i think to start following your blog.
    maybe you may also follow mine :)

  9. wow this was really inspiring. You can achieve your dreams, I'm sure of it(: It just takes time!

    just followed you as well dear, Hope you'll be able to follow me back if you'd like(:

    x Shirley

  10. thank you dear! can't wait to see your next post, hehhhhe.
    kayaknya aku akan suka main-main ke blogmu! :)

  11. hey there ! I am your newest follower, please follow me back! I'd appreciate it as I'm quite new💕

  12. Thank you so much Gita for the giveaway! I didn't know I would win ><

    Hope your dreams come true :D
    I know how it feels about the girl you hate but I love the way you try to make up your mind and think positively:)
    I envy you for always want to learn and learn. Sometimes i gave up easily :'(
    My dream is to be a singer or just successful blogger =D *lol*
    Lately I try to forget my dream as a singer because of many things. It takes years to try to let it go but all I can do is to believe that God's plans are better than mine right?:D
    Your quote is very inspiring too♡
    Wish all the best and what you want to be can become true soon >v<)b
    Once again thankyou Gita :D ive sent the email^^

  13. Inspiring post and lovely quote...Am new here on your blog, so am follow you now, if you want you can follow me too :)

    Hug from Panamá

  14. Beautifully written, and good luck with your dreams!! I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  15. Thank you for dropping by my blog for it has led me to yours. Wonderful dream and dreams are meant to be pursued to become reality. And even if the end product do not turn out like how you envisioned, the journey is always a humbling process full of lessons to be learnt.


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