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Hello readeers :D
Long time no see, I have been so busy with job thingy, OMG, I've been so tired witth this Job Hunter Season. Lol. But yeah, I have to do it, like or not. Pffft -____________-

Well, a weeks ago I went to some place to do some project with my friend and when I came back to my boarding house, I realize that my dirty clothes are growing like hell. Lol. FYI I usualy wash my clothes by my self since I am in uni *ehm. I do really love my clothes and I have some tips to wash my clothes for keeping them in good condition, so today I'll share it with you my great readers :D

First, when you start to wash your clothes, you should check the label inside the clothes, with or without machine, no bleaching, or anything which wrote on the label. Then you should check what kind of fabric which used to make your clothes. After that, sorts the clothes according to the color. White, black-brown, blue-green, yellow, red-orange, or the other color which almost look the same. Do not forget to sort clothes which can fade. You have to noted that white color can not be washed with other color. 

For washing purpose, you need liquid detergent (I am using liquid detergent instead the powder detergent because liquid detergent is more concentrate compared to powder detergent, it cleans better), bleach, softener, or laundry perfume. 

1. The first step is wet the clothes, set aside. Mix water with detergent. Stir until foamy. Apply detergent on the stained clothes, then soak them in detergent water. For white clothes you can soak for thirty minutes. While for colored clothes enough for ten to fifteen minutes. For black clothes, just five minutes then immediately wash them.

2. After washing, rinse clothes three or four times then soak it in fabric softener. For white clothes, you can soak them in bleach if you want to make them whiter. NOTED : For liquid bleach you can mix it with water and detergent. Then soak your white clothes for fifteen or twenty minutes. Use liquid bleach with water alone won't reduce the stain on your white clothes. If you use bleach with crystal shape, you can mix it with water only. Then you can soak your white clothes overnight, it won't damage your clothes. Crystal-shape bleach or citron can be used for colored clothes too (other than black, dark brown, or other dark colors). It would brighten up your cloth's color.

3. After rinsing, drying your clothes in a place that gets enough sun and wind. DO NOT put your clothes direct to sunshine which is too hot, it will damage your clothes color, especially black color.

Hope this tips can help you :3

Happy Washing
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  1. Thanks for this tips! ^-^*
    I remember one time, I soaked my black tshirt over night and the next day when I wanted to rinse it off and dries it my black tshirt turned into a grey tshirt lajjkfksjkfas
    I just bought that tshirt and haven't worn it once and it was already grey >__< FML haha
    Are the clothes in the first pcture really your clothes? They look so nice *__*

  2. beautyful ,3

  3. Great tips! Gotta take care of our clothes properly :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. great post!:) thanks for sharing your tips♥ I'm already following you on bloglovin;) kisses!

  5. Awesome and very helpful post!! :D
    I found you on a blog hop (a possibly really old one XD) and am now following! :D

  6. Great tips! I enjoyed reading your post. It's good to know that the liquid detergent is better because that's what I'm using it :) xo akiko
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