Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Make Up : Simple Wedding Make Up

Hello Fellas,

Since I work in wedding industry, I am often watch many video wedding and find many different type of wedding make up. I told my boyfriend last night and I said "I want to do my own make up on my wedding day" so, I try to do it. Hahaha. Well, this is not a well prepared post, and I am not a pro, so please bear with my result.

So, I am using these babies to create this look.

These what I need for my complexion. Mostly are skincare products since my skin is supeeeeeeeeeeeeeer dry lately. So I have to make it well moisturized before I put any foundation (I am using NYX HD Foundation - Sand Beige). And, because I don't have any green concealer, I am using Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in green to cover my redness. Oh skin...

I take a picture of the bottom part from each product in case you want to know what shade that I use. Click to enlarge the picture.

This Make Over blush (in shade Brown Strada) is working as a contour  and blush on at the same tine! Haha

For the eyes, I am using Gateau, Wrapped Up, Noir, Bow (as highlighter) and almost-gone-shade Boxed (as nose contour) from Sleek Oh So Special palette. You must be know how much I love this palette since there are some colors that already hit the pan. Oh yes, I am using wrapped Up to draw my eyebrows as well, then topped it with Etude House Color My Brow.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, after 2 hours struggle with my-super-minimum-skill, finally I am done! Actually, it's a very simple make up. LOL. I am focusing on how to make my face look smooth. I hope you like the result.

Bonus picture to show you my skirt, kehekhekhe

After I posted one of these picture, there are so many people think that I am going married. Well, maybe my make up and kebaya looks like something common in 'akad nikah' ceremony. OMG. I feel like I am fooling them.

I just realize that I have double eyelids on my left eyes. Sign that I got lack of sleep -____-"

I hope you like this post, see you soon *kiss*

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beauty Review : Sleek Single Blush On - Life's Peach

Hello Fellas,,
 How's your day?
FYI, I am sick. I was too tired after my boyfriend visited me couples day ago.
He came to Surabaya and I always want to accompany him. So, after my supaaa dupaaa tiring job, I go everywhere with him. Ate some culinary in Surabaya, until spent our hours watching film till midnight. Fiuuuwh, and now I am sick. So terrible. Oh yes! I have my straight hair back after my curly hair completely lost their curled effect. What a shame -__-"

Aaaaaand today,,
Another review in-almost-in-the-end-of-month
Another blush review. I hope you don't get bored of it. Maybe I will do some skin care review since I am madly crazy about skin care lately.

This is Sleek Single Blush On : Life's Peach
My on-the-go blush-on ever. Natural flush, bright effect, and voila, you're ready to go! I bought this around six months ago and I am sorry, I just forgot about the price *sigh*

Packaging :
It comes with never-go-wrong black and sleek packaging. I always love their simple packaging. Sturdy and look professional. It comes with 8gr amounts of product and a big mirror but still-not-big-enough-to-reflect-my-cheeks. lol. So, it's great for traveling, right?

Color and Pigmentation :
Comes with big amount of product, this blush gives us bright orange in pan. A lil bit creepy at the first glance, but not really on my cheeks. It has sheer pigmentation (on my skin) but still buildable. It will give you natural flush effect which make your face look fresh. So don't worry, it has a great color pay off, actually. Make sure you don't put too much product or your face will completely dull.

Texture and Swatch :
 It has buttery and smooth texture which I love so much!! FYI, this blush has no fall out issue and really really easy to blend! As you can see on my swatch above, it has great color pay off and nice peachy color after blended. The bright orange in pan was absolutely a joke to scare you *slapped*

I'll show you how's this blush work on my face.

I put it on my cheeks about 2 swipes to achieve this natural flush. It depends on your complexion (The most important thing is I hope you can see the flush on my cheeks, since my camera can't capture it perfectly)

What I love :
- Nice texture
- Easy to blend
- Has no fall out
- Great color pay off
- Build-able
- Travel friendly
- Nice packaging

What I hate :
- A lil bit expensive (but I don't really care, anyway, it comes in 8gr product!! *slapped*)

Final Verdict :
You may love this blush if you want a great blush on without feel worrying about the price. You may hate it if you don't want to spend any penny because you think it's too expensive (dollar is getting crazier lately, I know). 

I hope my crazy review will help you
Ciao bella~~ *kiss*

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beauty Review : Jordana Blush On - #17 Rouge

Hello Fellas :D
It's nice for me to have a chance to write this post.

Today I would like to write about Jordana Blush On which I got from Caroline on her blog sale, and as "banci blush on" I was eyeing this blush since she upload it on her facebook album. And finally, I bought it. Hahaha.

Packaging :
It comes with round packaging, with gold color. We got the clear cap as the bonus since we can peeking the color inside the jar. The cap it self comes with swirl type. (I hope you understand what I mean --")

Color and Texture :
I got the blush in number 17 rouge. It has pink color with hint of peach which can never go wrong with all skin color. This color make my face looks fresh. The texture it self is great, not powdery and easy to blend. OMG, I love this cheap blush on!

Swatch and Pigmentation :
 HANDS DOWN! This blush's pigmentation is greaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! And the best part is, it's build able! So you can build the color according to your complexion.

What I Love :
- Affordable
- Pretty Color
- Great Pigmentation

What I hate :
- Te swirl cap -__-"

Final Verdict :
I love this blush on so much! It has great pigmentation, affordable price, and the color is pwettttyyy! You may like this blush on if you want affordable blush with great color pay off. You may hate it if you have problem with swirl cap issue. Haha

I hope this short review help you
See you soon *kiss*

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