Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"how do we know that this is the perfect time to get married?"

Hi mates, it's been a year since I write on this blog. I know that I am a lazy blogger. Bad blogger for sure. I do really want to share my beauty reviews and my daily look which still on process. Well yeah, I have to do so many post. Geez. 

But now, instead of talking about beauty and daily look, I want to talk about life. Well, I am almost 24. For my age, I am surely want to get married. And time is running out. But for your information, I broke up with my boyfriend. No wonder, my best friend and other people who know us well were shocked. And I was like "hhmm, hhh" You know, that shitty awkward feeling when those people keep asking you "WHY?" 

A friend of mine has a joke about my relationship, he said "It's been 5 years, and you have to change your license plate" and I could've died laughing. Honestly, I have so many plans with my ex, but when it doesn't work, I feel like, this is not right. And yes, the problem is me. It might sound cliche if I showed you why I decided to break up with my boyfriend. I do not love him anymore. And imagine if I lived with him for the rest of my life? Well, I believe, love is just a chemical reaction from pheromones, endorphins, and serotonin. And the substances will be reduced even disappear after several time. But trust, empathy, compassion, and communication will remain binding. For us, some of it may have disappeared. Then suddenly, I can't find our right time, anymore. Moreover, to continue our life in a marriage, but I am living in belief that I would get married, someday, with the right person (for me). Having children, many plans for future, and a happy life. But is that true? Only that? 

Today I found this link  
and feel like, yes, not all of which are considered by others is good for us is good for us. Everyone says my ex is a good person. I have no doubt, he is a good man. Everybody says he is good for me, but is it true? Again, I realize that the one who knows what we need better, is our self. 

So, “how do we know that this is the perfect time to get married” 

Let's make everything look easy, let's say we were strolling at the mall, then we hear a song that we have not heard before, and suddenly the song kept ringing in our ears. Make us fall in the rhythm, even till another song played. As it turned out, that's how the taste; met with someone who we do not know before, but then make us say to ourselves, "this is just right". Suddenly, we've fallen in love and enjoy it without realizing at the 'tone' where he made it all started to feel right. Then we suddenly felt SURE could stay with our mates until the last 'tone' released into the air, that's when we find the right moment to make the only decision that should not be broken by human will. When we are willing to pass it all together, until the end of the story. Until the end of the age. 

And, yes, I already found my song,, 

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beauty Review : Tony Moly Floria Active Peeling Gel

Hello fellas :D

Finally I can do a review for my favorite beauty product :3
Actually, I was ran out my Lioele Soft Aroma Peeling Gel at that time, which I never review here because I was too lazy to do it *slapped (bad blogger). FYI, my skin felt so horrible after using that peeling gel, but since it was my only one peeling gel, I decided to run it out, hahaha lol. I have a very very sensitive skin, and when I peeled out my face with Lioele Soft Aroma Peeling Gel, I felt so itchy and leave a greasy feeling, maybe it because of the perfume in it -___-

Few days ago I decided to repurchase it, since it gives me a good result on me (though it makes my skin felt itchy and greasy). But when I ask the price to the beauty assistance, I was like “What the Hell!” the price is going to be soooooooooooooo expensive!! I was bought it for 130.000 rupiahs last year, and now it becomes 245.000 rupiahs!! Then I just like asdfghjkl -_______-

So, I left the Lioele’s counter and go to Tony Moly’s counter. I was eyeing on their product for a long time, and suddenly I found a peeling gel there. It’s Floria Active Peeling Gel. It comes in 150ml (it's such a big amount) and cheapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer price. Really, I mean, 199.000 rupiahs is way cheaper than 245.000 rupiahs, right?


"a gel type deep cleansing and exfoliating product.” Though it also includes a type of “seaweed ingredient” that is suppose to work its magic to gently exfoliates and whisks away the dead skin cells on your face and leave you with “smooth and resilient skin.” 
Sounds pretty good so far.


It comes with plain big tube with purple-lavender kind of color. Well, I thought that there are any white swirl pattern on it. It also has flip flop cap and you need to squeeze the tube to make the product come out.


After I bought this baby and used it for month, I just fell in love with this product! It doesn’t leave any greasy feeling like Soft Aroma Peeling Gel. It doesn’t make my face going so red. Seriously, I always got reddish face after used Soft Aroma Peeling Gel. But it doesn’t happen while I am using Floria Active Peeling Gel. It cleans my face perfectly and doesn’t give me any break out which is HEAVEN! My skin become smoother after used this peeling gel.

The downside of this product is the chemical scent which doesn’t covered with any perfume scent. Actually it’s good since perfume can break out any sensitive skin (you may feel itchy, got reddish face, or maybe you’ll get pimples). Well, it doesn’t bother me anyway, since the chemical scent will disappear after few second when you rub the gel onto your face, but I prefer skincare product without any scent.

Pros :
-          Give me a deep cleansing
-          Way cheaper
-          It doesn’t break me out
-          Make my skin smoother
-          Come in big amount
-          There isn’t perfume scent

Cons :
-          You may don’t like this stuff if you have a sensitive reaction to chemical scent (which is fine for e, since the scent doesn’t bother me at all)


So, if you're looking for a nice peeling gel product, you can try this one. I am highly recommend it :D
Hope this review help you guys, see you soon *smooch
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Outfits Post (And Some Rambling) : There's a Conclusion To My Illusion

Hello Fellas, finally I write a post again.
I just realize that I lost a lot of my posts! I mean, my old post. Geez!! I like "wait, where's my post on Bali, where's this and where's that?". So I decided to post it again here. I hope you don't mind.

Photograph By : Coffee
Sleeveless Top : Unbranded
Sunnies : Unbranded
Bangles : Bali

Well, actually I want to do some randomly rambling here. I mean, I want to share some stories to you, guys. Lately I was despised by my close friends. I can't actually call them "close friends" anymore since they did something that I can't understand. At first I felt that there's something different with their behavior and I just like "that's your imagine, G".

But, as time goes by, they don't want to talk with me anymore. I asked them "What's my fault? Is there any mistake that I have done?" and they answered like "If you don't know what's your fault, then we don't need to talk".  I just like "WHAT?"

I got depressed and sick for several days (maybe till now). I told my problem to my mom, my other friend who truly care about me, someone who never cease to love, and of course, my God. They asked my to stop thinking about it, but I can't. I don't know what's my fault and that turns like a shit!
I cried almost everyday and my health goes worst. I lost my weight and I got a bad hair loss. REALLY BAD. When I comb my hair with my hand, then I can got a lot of hair loss.  

I pray to God a lot and start to spent my time with other friends. Trying to open my mind and get a new point of view. I learn to introspect myself and accept my condition. But I have to admit that live with my "friends" in one place, in my boarding house made me so frustrated. 

My wise friend said "face them, ask them what's your fault, if they don't say it, just tell them that you feel sorry".  

She said this is my natural selection, but it doesn't mean that I could not adapt. This is simply because "friends who hates me" is not a suitable habitat for me. Maybe I already had a different perspective with them. Maybe I've changed, maybe I've been through a stages where they are still remain in that stage. And maybe when I changed, I was no longer a suitable person to be in their group. Maybe I'm wrong because I can not adapt to them anymore. But my wise friend said that I'm lucky because I know what kind of friends they are.

She said "If you strong enough, face them everyday like there is nothing wrong between you and them, but if you think you're enough, move, you're not a tree"

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