Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beauty Review : E.L.F Studio Blush - Blushing Rose

Hello Fellas
I've something to share here. Well. It's about my job. I already resigned from my current job. IDK. But I feel that I couldn't find any 'clickness' OMG, pardon my words. I truly can't find perfect words to describe it well *sigh*

So, to forget about my emptiness after resigned from my job, I decide to review one of my on-the-go blush on. Tehee~ Sorry if you get bored about my lipstick-blush review since those two are my favorite make up babies.

Okay, E.L.F Studio Blush describes as "a soft sheer texture that blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth." It retailed $3.60-$4 if I am not mistaken, but I bought it around 65.000 rupiahs or $6 on local online store. Geez! 
Actually I have four shades on my stack but two of them I lend to my friends. So I only keep the two of them. Blushing Rose and Berry Merry. I'll do the review of Berry Merry on separated post.

Okay! Let's jump to the review!

It comes with square packaging made from sturdy plastic. And it's black. Look classy and, uumh, professional? Haha. The packaging have clear part to see the blush. Oh it also have a transparent plastic covered the product and a mirror when opened. Reminded me of NARS packaging. Although it looks heavy, it's surprisingly lightweight, slim, and not bulky at all!

ELF Studio Blush Blushing Rose is a deep berry (it's plummy shade but looks like brick color) with golden shimmers. The shimmers leave a sheen and glowy effect upon application. People with large pores better put this blush in the back of their cheeks, because put it on apple cheeks will makes pores looks bigger. The pigmentation is great on me, but it's still another natural looking blush, thou. This shade would look beautiful on medium to deeper complexions. People with fairer skin tones must be really careful since it's a deeper shade.

Some people said that blush from this range have chalky texture. But it turns out good on me. IDK, I don't have any experience like that.  It smooths and spread easily on my skin. No fall out  issue! Maybe it just because how we sweep it from the pan, or the brush that we used. 
This blush stay on my cheeks around 4-5 then it completely disappear! I was disappointed with  it, but because my skin is oily, I think it's a normal case. Or not?

So this is the swatch on my cheeks! Great flush, right?! Hahaaaaaaa! I love the result. It gives me natural reddish-flush without making me look like a clown. Majoor loveee!! Teheee~

I hope you can see the color. I don't know why the color look like pinky red in the second picture. And forgive me about the shameless blurry selfie *sigh*

What I Like:
- Great Pigmentation
- Give me natural flush
-The shimmer turn into glowy effect on my cheeks
- Affordable
- No fall out (on my case) - I suggest you to use duo fiber brush when apply this blush to avoid any fall out
- Sturdy Packaging
- No need light handed
- Great on medium skin tone like mine

What I hate:
- Completely disappear after 4-5 hours (what a joke)
- It may turn too pigmented for people with fairer skin tone

But for all, I love this baby!

So that's all my review! I hope you find it helps :D
I think it's okay to put your penny on this blush since it's affordable and has a beautiful result. But still, don't forget with your first priority. Be wise on your money^^

Jaa ne!


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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Beauty Review : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick #131 Ginger Rose

Hello Fellas!
Sorry for being inactive lately. Yeah I am a bad blogger. Mwehehehe
Today I would like to share you about my favorite nude lipstick. I hope you don't get bored since I review lipstick too often hahaha. Well, I already told you that I am not really good in nude lipstick since it wash me out and make me look like a sick person. You know, the one who get typhus. Pale and sick.
But! Finally I found my true love! It's from Revlon, from their Super Lustrous Lipstick Range. I bought it on shade #131 Ginger Rose.

It comes with round black tube with transparent part on the top of the cap. There's nothing special about the packaging. I think it quite sturdy, so you don't need to worry about it safety when you put it in your make up pouch.

I describe Ginger Rose as a great nude with a hint of pink/brown that has warm undertones. It works as nude pink lip color and MLBB at the same time. No shimmers! And this particular shade which can work for day and night look. About the longevity, it stays on my lips for 4-5 hours without eating. A normal time for lipstick longevity. Haha. I don't mind to re-apply it since I love this lipstick so much! 

The formula is smooth, pigmented, and glides on well. It doesn't sink into fine lines and doesn't make my lips dry. The creme label is true to its claim. The pigmentation is just awesome. One-two swipes and you are done. It doesn't bleeding too. No smell and no taste! Big yay!

Great nude lipstick, isn't it? :3

What I Love:
- Great color pay off, it suits my skin tone and doesn't wash me out
- Glides smoothly
- Doesn't sink into my fine lines
- No smell
- No taste
- Affordable, it's only thirty something thousand rupiahs on their counter

What I Hate:
- Can't really think any

So, this is my review. I LOVE this baby!! Compare with their affordable price, it's really a treasure!
I hope it could be a reference for you to make a decision when buy a product. Buy it when it fulfills your needs, but don’t buy it when you still have another priority to buy. Be wise on your penny^^

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Beauty Review : D'eyeko Lashes Syahrini Series - Merak

Hello fellas :D

Sorry for being MIA *ehm again *ehm since I am very busy preparing many things. IDK is it good or not but I'll try my best to get the best. Hopefully *finger cross*

Today I would like to share you about false lashes. IDK since when I receive this package and I just totally forgot to review it. I am so sorry.
So, this is my first time do a review about false lashes. So please bear my very minimum knowledge about it. FYI. I am not wearing them frequently, too. So yeaaah.. Hahaha *buried myself alive*


It comes with clear thick plastic. A lil bit bulky for a pair of false lashes. Those plastic can wrap maybe 3 pairs of false lashes? Such a waste for me. But yeah, the main point of this false lashes is 'Syahrini's picture'. Why? Because it's her line! *slapped*

Honestly this false lashes comes with glue, but I already use them *tehee*. It's a nice glue, anyway.


FYI, this Syahrini lines comes in four types. They are Khatulistiwa, Cendrawasih, Surya Kencana, and Merak. While the series I got are Merak and Surya Kencana (I'll show you about Surya Kencana review in another post).
Merak comes with half thin hair (?) or bristle (?) and half thick hair (?). It will give you the fuller lashes effect in the corner of your eyes. Can you imagine girls eyes in Japanese Manga? That's it!


It comes with thin. light, and black ban. I love this kind of ban since I prefer a black one than a clear one.
It's a very very very light ban, but surprisingly it's easy to apply. And it won't hurt your eyes.
The downside about this lashes is the gap between the thin and thick hair. Hmm, how to explain. The thick part will take more weight from the ban, and that makes me afraid. I think it would break the band, since the ban is so light and thin -__-

FYI, you can wear them for many times, but it depends on how you treat them.


It's very soft. Like SOFT! And very very very light weight! No joking! I don't feel anything on my eyes. It works like my own lashes!

See how it works on my eyes! Major love!! Hahahaha
Oh yes, I cut my hair AGAIN and decide to color it. BF said yes so, yeah! Will do it soon :3

The closer look. Sorry for blurry picture T_T

Well, honesty, IDK the exact price. Maybe it start from 50.000 IDR - 70.000 IDR. A lil bit expensive for a pair of false lashes? No?

My lashes looks so full but still naturaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! Gyaaaaa

- Light ban
- Soft bristle
- Light weight
- You can wear it for many times, it depends on how you treat them

- IDK. But I am afraid that the thick part will break the ban because they're heavier
- Maybe it's a lil bit pricey for a pair of false lashes, but compare with the quality, I think it worths the penny.

OK, that's all!
Thank you D'eyeko for sending me this lashes. I am so sorry for very very late review. Well, it's a sponsor product, but every word that I wrote is a honest opinion. Seriously, I love this lashes!

You can find it on Matahari Deparment Store, SOGO Department Store
Or you can check their Facebook

I hope this review will help you. Sorry for my minimum knowledge T___T
See you soon.

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