Monday, March 23, 2015

Beauty Review : Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick #11 Cherry Glam

Hello Fellas,,
Finally finally I write a new post *terharuuuu* I got a long hiatus because I can't access my blog lately *sigh*
How are you anyway?? I hope you doing great. I am so happy because my boyfriend will visit me next month, and maybe he will move from Jakarta to Surabaya this mid year. So happy *grin*

Anyway, talk about my boyfriend, remember that he was the one who picky about my lip color? Now he asked me to but some red lipstick. He said I am look so bright when using red lipstick wtf. Hahaha
So yeah, I bought some lipstick, maybe around 5 (well, I only bought two red color and the rest is other color, muahahaha. I know I was cheating, but I don't care, he just don't know about it)

So, today I would like to share my opinion abourt Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick #11 Cherry Glam. Wardah claim this matte lipstick could moisturize your lips because it contains of jojoba oil, squalane, and vitamin E. The color can show up only one stroke, lasting for 8 hours, and comes with 12 shades.

It comes with pretty silver packaging with Wardah logo printed on it. Sleek, simple, and elegant. It makes this baby looks expensive and luxury. I love to bring this baby side by side with my Too Faced Loganberry. I know their price is "bagaikan langit dan sumur" but they look pretty together in my make up pouch. Hihi

Cherry Glam is dark red or maybe we can called it as maroon -sugar? yes please- It look like overripe cherry. Can you imagine it? Dark red almost brown black kind of thing. FYI I love this kind of color. It brightens my complexion. Gives me a sexy feeling without look too much. Oh yes, and it's staining my lips, if it's also happening to you, make sure you clean it up properly to prevent darker lips.

The formula is smooth on my lips, it doesn't dried my lips. But maybe you can scrub your lips first to get the best application. It's pigmented, it doesn't sink into fine lines and glides on well too. The color itself is show up for only one swipe. A great deal for 43.000 rupiahs lipstick. It stays around 6 hours on my lips due to the matte texture. Love it!! The downside is it could fading easily on my inner lips, But it's me, maybe you could get another result. Oh yes, it's also easily broken! I found mine broken in the end of the tube!! Is it me who's too strong, or why?? *pensive* 

It's matte, smooth, but gets more into true red than a maroon or dark red on my lips. Haha. It's okay, I can swipe it twice.

What I Love :
- Great color payoff
- Affordable
- Pretty packaging
- Nice texture
- Doesn't dried my lips
- Doesn't sink into fine lines
- It's staining my lips 
( it's a good point, but it makes us have a bigger concern when clean up our lips to prevent darker lips)

What I Hate
- It's fading on my inner lips
- Not really moisturizing
- It's easily broken!! I do really hate it!
- Gets more into true red than maroon on one swipe, I have to swipe it twice to get the maroon color. 

I usually wear it when I go to office. Well, it's a normal color for me, so yeah,, why not? Even I already bought my second tube, Hahaha.

So, this is my review, and I love this baby so much! But, remember, my review not an article that push you to buy a product. It's a bunch of information and reference for you. Be wise on your penny^^


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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Event Report : Grand Opening House of Mustika Ratu

Hello ladies,,

I am so sorry for lack update. And I am so sorry for very very late report for Mustika Ratu Grand Opening few months ago. I can’t access my blog lately and I was clueless about it since I don’t know why it happened.

Ok, before I start this report, first I want to say thank you to Nikki from Grand Palace, Grand City Mall, Surabaya for inviting me. Honestly I was very exciting that time since Mustika Ratu is my favorite local brand. Sorry for very late report, I know that this event was held around December, last year, and I just report it now *sigh*

The event itself start from 5 pm but I came around six because I finished my work first, change my clothes and struggle with the traffic since it was raining cat and dog that day. When I came, the seat is almost full and the worst thing is I didn’t bring any camera and my phone was about to dead *double sigh* (thank you for ce Mindy from Pink and Undecided who say 'yes' when I asked her to take pictures from her blog). Before I enjoy the event, I did the registration to Nikki, and Mustika Ratu (for blogger only).

FYI I missed the opening fashion show. I was very very very late at that time, but I have some pictures from ce Mindy, in case if you want to see it (massive hugs for her!!).

When I came, I saw someone demonstrate a makeup tutorial, seems like ‘How to..’ thingy. He told me how to wear eye shadow, how to define your crease, and how to shape your eye brow.

IDK but the model look stressful for me :s  
Mustika Ratu also give a chance for us to ask some question, and everyone who ask will get a goodie bag :D

Mustika Ratu also give us some tutorial how to wear hijab :D it really helpful since I need to learn how to wear hijab for my client. I usually learn from youtube but it way easier to learn it when I watch it, live! Hahaha

And here we go with Elvira, Putri Indonesia 2014 (now Anindya replace her place). She's kind of talkactive girl, kind, smart, and nice. She told us about everything related to her activities as Putri Indonesia. From her story, I know that the activities is very tiring, but stared at her with that sit position is wayyyy more tiring for me -__-
IDK, but I feel uncomfortable with it. Hahahaha. Weird, I know.

Nessya, asked some question to Elvira, and she got a goodie bag :D

The lady with black outfits is Elvira's mother. She's sooooooo beautiful. Remind e of my mom. Eh. Hahaha (Tasya is photobombing wkwkwkwwk)

The finalist from East Java for Putri Indonesia 2015 with Mustika Ratu products. Just realize that the girl, number four from left is my friend. OMG. How come I realize it when I write this post?? Maybe I was so tired at that time, since I just came from work, and have to do the next meeting after this event. Oh my -_____-

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here's the counter of Mustika Ratu. It's so  clean and neat. eem, yeaaahh, before the bloggers know that the lipstick is sold only 16.000 rupiahs. Hahahaha. You can imagine what happened next, right? LOL 

Last is our group photo!! :D

The event is great, and I am so grateful that FINALLY Mustika Ratu has a big counter near my house, because I love their product. I try the biocell night treatment gel and really really love it! Oh yes, we also got sooooooo many goodie bag (I didn't snap it since my camera is broken T.T), and a free treatment (I don't try it since I forgot about the voucher, and found it when the time is over. clumsy me -__-). Over all I love this event :D

Thank you for reading and see you next time. Ciaobella :*

pictures are courtesy of pink and undecided

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beauty Review : E.L.F Studio Blush - Blushing Rose

Hello Fellas
I've something to share here. Well. It's about my job. I already resigned from my current job. IDK. But I feel that I couldn't find any 'clickness' OMG, pardon my words. I truly can't find perfect words to describe it well *sigh*

So, to forget about my emptiness after resigned from my job, I decide to review one of my on-the-go blush on. Tehee~ Sorry if you get bored about my lipstick-blush review since those two are my favorite make up babies.

Okay, E.L.F Studio Blush describes as "a soft sheer texture that blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth." It retailed $3.60-$4 if I am not mistaken, but I bought it around 65.000 rupiahs or $6 on local online store. Geez! 
Actually I have four shades on my stack but two of them I lend to my friends. So I only keep the two of them. Blushing Rose and Berry Merry. I'll do the review of Berry Merry on separated post.

Okay! Let's jump to the review!

It comes with square packaging made from sturdy plastic. And it's black. Look classy and, uumh, professional? Haha. The packaging have clear part to see the blush. Oh it also have a transparent plastic covered the product and a mirror when opened. Reminded me of NARS packaging. Although it looks heavy, it's surprisingly lightweight, slim, and not bulky at all!

ELF Studio Blush Blushing Rose is a deep berry (it's plummy shade but looks like brick color) with golden shimmers. The shimmers leave a sheen and glowy effect upon application. People with large pores better put this blush in the back of their cheeks, because put it on apple cheeks will makes pores looks bigger. The pigmentation is great on me, but it's still another natural looking blush, thou. This shade would look beautiful on medium to deeper complexions. People with fairer skin tones must be really careful since it's a deeper shade.

Some people said that blush from this range have chalky texture. But it turns out good on me. IDK, I don't have any experience like that.  It smooths and spread easily on my skin. No fall out  issue! Maybe it just because how we sweep it from the pan, or the brush that we used. 
This blush stay on my cheeks around 4-5 then it completely disappear! I was disappointed with  it, but because my skin is oily, I think it's a normal case. Or not?

So this is the swatch on my cheeks! Great flush, right?! Hahaaaaaaa! I love the result. It gives me natural reddish-flush without making me look like a clown. Majoor loveee!! Teheee~

I hope you can see the color. I don't know why the color look like pinky red in the second picture. And forgive me about the shameless blurry selfie *sigh*

What I Like:
- Great Pigmentation
- Give me natural flush
-The shimmer turn into glowy effect on my cheeks
- Affordable
- No fall out (on my case) - I suggest you to use duo fiber brush when apply this blush to avoid any fall out
- Sturdy Packaging
- No need light handed
- Great on medium skin tone like mine

What I hate:
- Completely disappear after 4-5 hours (what a joke)
- It may turn too pigmented for people with fairer skin tone

But for all, I love this baby!

So that's all my review! I hope you find it helps :D
I think it's okay to put your penny on this blush since it's affordable and has a beautiful result. But still, don't forget with your first priority. Be wise on your money^^

Jaa ne!


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