My Life Story : "The Real You is Sexy"

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Hei fellas,,

Recently I can’t update any beauty review or fashion outfits for some reasons. No. I mean, many reason. I am super busy with my job now, and I have to manage my time wisely, since I have triple job in a row for now. You know, my body is getting weak when I feel too tired.

But I’ll try to share some of my life story here. Well, I can’t say it’s a pure life story since I always talk about beauty and fashion in it. All of you may know that I already broke up with my ex. And now, I get a new boyfriend. Is it too fast to move on? I guess not. FYI, he’s not way more handsome than my ex. Umm, let say they have a different type of “handsome rule” here. My boyfriend now is kind of “manly” type which is not my type at all!! LOL!

For me, he lives with too many pretty girls and too many sexy girls, who absolutely prettier and sexier than me. I always say to him that I am afraid if he cheats on me. So I decide to do some diet and exercise. I do a lot of skin care, and hair care, and anything. But he just said “Why you push yourself too hard? Just be health for me, and stay with me”. 

I know if he does really concern on my health since he already know about my disease. But, you know,, girls…

A few days ago, I curled my hair then sent him a picture of mine, and he said “Cute!!” with some love struck emoticons. Believe me, he never loves a cute girl. Those cute girls are not his type, and would never ever be his type. Now, he calls me cute. It’s creepy. Seriously! But he said that he loves me with my new hair. He loves me on long haired, short haired, straight or curl, anything! Except, light color haired. And I just remembered what he said before we ended our chat. He said “You look so cute and I don’t know why I love it on you. I never love cute girl except you” and I just can’t stop smiling. 

Last night I had some conversation with him. I told him that I called myself as “flat ass girl” and I just did some exercise to make it bigger, then he couldn’t stop laughing. He said “I am not handsome you know, why you try so hard to look more beautiful than you are now?” and I said “because you love a girl with big sexy ass” and again, he laugh to death. Actually, I don’t really understand why he laughs, since I do really serious on it. In other day I said that my breasts are not really good. He just stared at me and gave a “are you crazy?” gaze on me (FYI, I got my bra on 75 with C cup). Then he hold my cheeks in his hands and said “stop pushing yourself, I love your flaws, I love your belly which you said too fat, I love your stretch marks, even I love your silly face, come on babe, the real you is sexy”

picture from @riomotret

Well, I love the way he loves my flaws,,

 photo 4a2bd7da-7b0f-48d6-ae72-9937ff541209_zps578a7175.png

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4 message(s) in the bottle ❤

  1. ahh so sweet~ I wish all the best for your relationship git <3
    and btw, I need a picture~ I want to see your boyfie hehehehe

    1. Amin ceee, huhuhu
      Akh bentaaaar, belum di launching kyaaaaa~ xDD

  2. isn't he adorable? you are such a luck girl x
    i think you should appreciate yourself more, you are a gorgeous girl and he clearly can see that so there is no need for compering yourself to other girls xx

    1. yeah, I think I am lucky then
      He's not romantic at all, but he has something that I couldn't explain ;)
      Thank you anyway, you're such a kind girl


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